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The ability to store data securely on remote storage sites and access it through various devices has made life simpler and safer. The service automatically uploads all your folders to the database and syncs it across all the devices. But when the trouble of iCloud photos not syncing with the database occurs, it could lead to severe problems. Your data is no longer safe, and you won't have access to different documents across various devices.The most frequently occurring reasons with solutions are mentioned here; you should refer to these troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue.

Why is My iCloud Photo Library not Syncing?

Most often, the most uncomplicated issues lead to the most complicated problems. Solving such difficulties becomes simple and easy if you know the cause. The top 5 reasons why your iCloud isn't syncing are discussed in this article.

The issue can be interrupted internet, use of wrong credentials, disabling of the app, use of outdated versions, and running out of storage. You are well equipped to solve the problem of iCloud photos not syncing, so try out these solutions first.

Troubleshooting Guide for Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing Issue

Following fixes will guide you to remedy the issues mentioned above.

Internet: Cloud storage uses the available internet to upload and save the information. If this connection is interrupted or weak, the data transfer stops. Check the connection. If it is not working, use your mobile data or another internet source.

Storage Full: No upload will occur when your data storage reaches its total capacity. By default, you get 5GB of free storage, and running out of it will stop the uploading process. Either clear out the useless data or buy more space.

Service-Disabled: Sometimes people forget to enable the service, while other times, internal reasons can lead to the disabling. From 'Settings,' open the iCloud tile, and click the toggle button to turn it on.

Wrong ID: If you have multiple IDs or multiple people using the same device with their IDs, then the reason for iCloud photos not syncing is using the wrong credentials. Go to the 'Account Settings' to check the account in use, and switch over to your account if another one is in use. If it's synced with your account, log out and log in again to refresh the connection.

Outdated Version: When a new version is launched, the previous versions of any app become slow; if you are using the old version, speed will prevent your photos from uploading. Go to the Apple Store and update to the latest version.

Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing to Mac or PC

The above variables almost always cause issues across all devices, be it an Apple product or Windows. Follow the mentioned troubleshooting steps for both Mac and PC.

Although the Mac comes with the iCloud feature, it is set to 'OFF' status by default. It would be best to manually toggle it to 'ON' status from the photo gallery. From the 'Menu' tile, select 'iCloud' and tick the check-box to start uploading.


iCloud is a powerful tool that can help you manage huge chunks of data across various platforms. Try the mentioned steps to fix iCloud photos not syncing with your devices. Troubleshooting is simple and shouldn't take much of your time. If the issue persists, you should connect with a technical support agent.

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