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There could be several reasons why your laptop keyboard is not typing. One common issue is a software glitch, such as an outdated or corrupted keyboard driver, which can be resolved by updating or reinstalling the driver. Another possibility is that the keyboard settings have been inadvertently changed, for instance, enabling a different input language or turning on filter keys. If you are wondering to find the causes behind it, those are explained below; 

  • Missing Drivers or Expired--- The primary cause affecting swift keyboard functions is outdated or missing drivers. If you have an old driver, it can disrupt the potential of the new keyboard.  
  • Damage---- If some keys are troubling, it can be because of accidental damage. You must clean your keyboard to remove the stuck debris. 
  • Faulty Battery Health---- If you have a wireless keyboard, it has to be charged frequently. 
  • Faulty USB port--- You must have connected the keyboard via the wrong post, hampering its swift use. 

How to fix a laptop keyboard not typing? 

If you are curious to know how to fix a laptop keyboard, then below are the proven techniques you need to follow:

Update Device

  • It is recommended that systems be updated regularly. If they are not updated, peripheral hardware, such as the keyboard, can be unresponsive. 

On-Screen Keyboard Settings. 

  • Go to your device's Settings and hit the "Easy of Access."
  • Tap the "Keyboard" and hit the "Use the On-Screen Keyboard." 
  • Once you are done, you will be able to access it.

Restart your Device. 

  • This method can be an ace. Restart your device or unplug your device to give it a fresh start. 
  • This method can fix the issue permanently. 

Can you accidentally lock your keyboard?

Yes, you can accidentally lock your keyboard. This generally happens because of key presses or software issues. Thus, it is requested that you fix them as soon as possible to avoid other issues. 

How do I unlock my laptop keyboard?

If you have locked your laptop keyboard accidentally and now you wish to unlock it, you are suggested to go through the points highlighted below; please have a look:

  • You need to press the "Fn" key along with any other key simultaneously. 
  • This will help you unlock your laptop keyboard. 
  • This process may vary from device to device. 

How to reset the laptop keyboard?

If any issue is occuring while using the keyboard efficiently on your laptop, you can consider some steps, and those are described below; please consideer them:

  • Hit the "Window logo Key + R and type "DEVMGMT." 
  • Tap the "Keyboards" option out of the list. (Reset list). 
  • Hit the red "X" at the top of the screen to uninstall the device/keyboard. 
  • Tap the "Scan for hardware changes" tab and continue.
  • You need to follow other on-screen instructions, and you will be done with it. 

What is the keyboard shortcut for lock or unlock?

There is a simple shortcut based on which you can lock or unlock your keyboard, and that is:

  • Press the "Ctrl+ALT+Del" tab simultaneously to lock or unlock. 

The given tabs will clear all the complexities related to the keyboard and help you operate it without any hindrance in the long run.

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