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It is an online storage facility provided by Apple to its users. In the iCloud Mail, you can store the data, documents, and emails and save your phone space. Your apple id and the iCloud Mail are the same, and once you have made it, you don't have to change it again and again. Whenever you purchase another apple device and log in through the particular Mail, you can have all your data on that device. It makes many things easy. You can have it as a backup also.

How to Resolve iCloud Mail, not Working Issues?

Electronic devices and software are complicated in use, and you can face any issue at any point in time. So if you are having issues like this, do not get worried. It is one of the common issues, and here are the few issues and solutions that have been mentioned through which you have your Mail fixed:-

  • Check internet connection

The Internet might be causing issues with your iCloud Mail that you cannot send Mail. To be sure of that area, check both your wifi and cellular data to have the proper internet plan.

  • Software update

When you are using the iPhone, you must be aware of the security policy of the iPhone that if your software is not updated, you find it difficult to access. They dedicate the issue as malware, and the fusion might not work. To check that you have the latest version, go to settings, click on the update icon, and confirm that there is any update pending then update.

  • Storage

In iCloud Mail there, you get the online storage facility. So, check that the storage is full or you have some space left. If the storage is filled, then delete something and make some space. This may also resolve your issue. Or you can also check the things you have stored that do not contain any virus or unauthorized data that may also restrict your Mail to work. Delete the effective date, and your Mail might work.


So, to solve the issue, the best way is to find the cause of that issue, and if the point mentioned above causes trouble through which you are unable to use the iCloud Mail, then apply the solution mentioned in the above statement. Still, if your iCloud Mail is not working, contact Apple support and have the issue solved.

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