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HP printer customer service is actively delivering global standard support services. Talking about it is almost like the discussion of a never-ending topic. It is impossible to include its aspects in a page like this. That’s why we are trying to discuss some of the highlighted areas of HP Care instead of discussing every single aspect handled by it. The HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number which is almost like a good friend is catering complete troubleshooting guide to the printing machine users.

  • How to Install an HP Printer?
  • How to download HP printer driver and installer?
  • Why am I unable to print from my mobile device to my printer?
  • Wi-Fi printing is taking much time in printing
  • HP printer is showing offline status
  • Why printed texts and photos look lousy?
  • Why is paper jam there in my printer?
  • How can I setup a new printer in my office?
  • Why is HP printer printing a particular color?
  • Can I print if my printer is running out of ink?

How to Install an HP Printer?

If your printing machine is turned on and you have a USB cable, you are proceeded to install it. The USB cable you own should be less than 3 m in length. Open 123.hp.com and enter your printer model. It will bring up some onscreen instructions that are likely to help you in downloading the driver. HP Easy Start, the required, will be downloaded soon. Go to the [HP Customer Support] now and hit [Software and Driver Downloads]. It will ask you to enter the model number of the printer. You will also be prompted to enter the operating system version. For going forward, you will need to click on the [Driver-Product Installation Software]. It will start the installation within few seconds. Hence, you will get [Installing Your Printer Driver Using the Windows Built-in Solution] on your screen.

How to setup a new printer?

So as to setup a new printer in your office or apartment, you need to unpack your printer first. Hence, you are supposed to turn on the printer by plugging the power cord. The installation of cartridges is required here. Move the recently installed printing machine through its startup routine. Set it for printing alignment pages. HP Printer Technical Support either asks you to connect it via an Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi connection. Here you need to know that the establishment of wired connection (via Ethernet cable) disables its wireless system automatically.

Get HP Printer Technical Support by Phone Number

HP Care offers a helpline number that can be accessed from any junction of the world. You are instructed to get HP Printer Technical Support by phone number, in case your issue is not related to the given issues. The helpline number which is given to you earlier is exceptionally powerful in resolving the HP printer technical issues. Driven by the best set of technical minds, it interestingly offers transparent and well-researched services. HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number follows user-friendly and qualitative approaches in helping the users. At the same time, it is consuming minimum time in solving the problems.

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