How Do I Get in Touch with Southern Airways Express?

How to contact Southern Airways Express?

Southern Airways Express is a regional airline that has flights to cities in the United States. Moreover, you can enhance your travelling experience by eliminating an obstruction caused either prior, in the middle, or after the completion of the journey by contacting its customer service team. Further, choosing a call method could achieve the rigid and highest possibilities of speaking with a live person. For that, you can Southern Airways Express phone number, 800-329-0485 and its working hours are 05.00 am to midnight.

What are the Southern Airways Express customer service hours?

On Southern Airways Express, you could find several ways to connect with customer service to secure a resolution. But you can connect the same within operation hours of modes and that is 24 hours. However, this timing is different from option to option. So, one mode that can be used to connect at any moment is chat. Besides this, other forms may not be available for everything, but a resolution could be secured. 

How can I chat on Southern Airways Express?

Chat is a mode known for consistency and providing a quick revert for issues explained in writing on Southern Express Airways. Here, you might communicate within your preferred language with Southern Airways Express customer service and obtain one-to-one aid. Hence, the clues for getting there have been explained at the bottom:-

  • Head to the official site of the Southern Airways Express
  • Furthermore, choose the Help icon from the home tab
  • Later, choose the chat icon and type your issues. 

Where is the Southern Airways Express office?

A paper document referring to the confusion you have been stuck in can be shared on the Southern Airways Express by sending a letter to its office. Despite that, you can visit its office physically, but the response may take more than five business days. Hence, the address information is as such:-

2875, South Ocean Blvd, Ste 256 Plam Beach, FL 33480

What terminal is Southern Airways Express at Ohare?

O'Hare International Airport is laced with many airlines, including Southern Airways Express. There are four different terminals at this airport, each assigned to serve the air. So, if you are travelling with Southern Airways Express, you can trace its flight to Terminal 3. However, this information is not sold and can be changed, so you can get it through the customer service team for confirmation. 

Can I contact Southern Airways Express via social network?

Yes, you can contact Southern Airways Express via social media networks. Further, you can have the same because these sites are used for different purposes by the airline, which is why they pay close attention to each matter delivered here. However, you can send your issues either through a direct message or a post, and its account can be traced over Facebook and Twitter.

How do I contact Southern Airways Express via email?

Southern Airways Express can recognize a long matter by sending an electronic email. In this manner, you get to attach a PDF concerning the problem, but they can secure the revert within three business days. Moreover, their official email address is


Furthermore, the specification relating to the contact method of Southern Airways Express customer service has been disclosed here. So, find from the pool of options you are comfortable with and get a resolution for stuck issues.

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