How Do I Talk to a Real Person on Oman Air?

How do I contact Oman Air? 

Due to some reasons, Oman Air needs to respond to your query, which can be sent through the contact form. So, getting in touch with the agent via calling is the best and most appropriate way. Go through the steps below to talk to Oman Air Agent:

  • Go to the official site of Oman Air. 
  • Find the contact Us option.
  • Select the contact section. On the next page, find the phone call tab.
  • Click on it, take the Phone number from there, and dial 0113 396 8888, + 968-2453 1111
  • Call the live person on any of these numbers.
  • Share your issues with the support person. 
  • Directly speak to the live person and resolve all kinds of difficulties promptly.

How to contact Oman Air via email?

To contact the support person through email, you need to go through the contact page of Oman Air. There you must find out the email address, or you can compose your issues, mention your contact details, and send the email to

What is Oman Air Fax number?

Send the Fax to Oman Air at +968-24153300 with your issues and get answers quickly from them.

How to contact Oman Air Cargo services?

Moreover, Oman Air provides the best services to its passengers, and if you are looking to contact them for Cargo services, you must reach the contact page. There you will get the cargo services section, move, take the Phone number +968 24356304, and email address and send your issues to them and get an immediate response from the airline person. 

How to contact Oman Air via social networks?

You need to go to the customer service page under Oman Air. There you must go to the Oman social networking sites that you will get under this content. Share your issues and get an answer from them. 

  • Facebook-
  • LinkedIn-
  • Instagram-
  • Twitter-

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