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Learn the utmost easiest method to fix router not connecting to the internet issue

It could be shocking and thwart when you experience an error with your router while connecting to the internet service. Faster internet service has been more than the requirement and to implement it, we ought to carry some imperative information to enhance the speed of internet service. But in case we take notice of some technical issues it is our duty to figure out the causes of the issues. Similarly, if you are one of them and confronting router not working bugs, you are one of the best pages where you can easily acquire the causes of such kind of issue and seek the best clue to solve these technical glitches within a second.

Why is my router not connecting to the internet?

There could be several reasons for experiencing the issue of the router not connecting to the internet. Understanding the appropriate cause of the technical trouble, you need to check with the causes as mentioned below.

  • Check out the settings of the router and make sure that your device is connected.
  • You can try a different Ethernet cable in case the internet not connecting.
  • Check your device’s settings and make it clear that your device is not air mode is off.
  • It might be a network adapter issue that detains to connect internet service.
  • The network adapter driver is out of date and makes sure network hardware is installed correctly.

How to fix the Router not connecting to internet?

You need to find the best clue to get this technical issue solved in an appropriate way and feel relax to use your router while connecting with internet service instantly.

Following are the ways to fix when the router not connecting to internet service:

  • At first, make sure your router is on and showing light to indicate that your router is activated to connect to the internet.
  • In case there is an issue you can have a default setting to reset your router and try to connect it to the router with ease.
  • You can use the power settings and try to connect the internet to your device through your router with ease eventually.

If you are still unable to resolve this issue and looking for a solution, you can surely call your internet service provider who is available to help you at any time.

What would cause a router to stop working?

The router is a device that helps you to provide you the continuous internet. It is wireless and that makes things easy to manage. Though, sometimes it is not working that can create the hustle and influence the work. 

If your router not working then you should know the router's causes to resolve the issues. We have covered some reasons below along with the solutions.

Many devices are connected

If you are using multiple devices with a single router then it stops working. It is an issue that does not occur every time but it could be one among many possible reasons. Now, when you are doing this then you should avoid using multiple gadgets with a single network. 

Large file installation 

It is the most common reason that can occur with most of the users. Here if you have installed a large application, then you can easily face such an issue. To avoid such a scenario, you can do this to stop the downloading or use it after the installation. It is easy that remains for a longer period. 

Should you reset your router often?

  • According to the companies, there are no rules that you have to do reset the router every time. There are many conditions where the person is using it without doing the reset. Here, you can do this when you are continuously facing issues or want to reset the device. 
  • So, you don’t have to worry about the reset, if you are feeling to do that then you can go ahead and perform this. But here make sure you are not doing this reset part again and again because it may create issues like failing to connect to the device or not working properly. You can do the reset if necessary, otherwise, you can skip it. 

How do you fix a router that won't turn on?

The most common issue person find with the router is that it fails to turn on. Though, it is something that can be easily manageable with small technical knowledge. If you are failing to do so then you can easily move to the part below where we have covered the ways to fix them. 

Reset the router 

It is the best way to solve the issue fast. For this, you have to press the power button several times or hold it for 30 seconds. You can see that it stops blinking; next, you can again turn it on so make sure you are doing only one time

The connection must be strong 

If there are any loose connections, then you can easily face some issues like won’t turn on. So first of all, you have to check that the power supply is off, next connect the wire accurately. Further, you can connect to the supply and turn it on, and you can see it starts and you have resolved the issue fast. 

With these two ways, you can easily solve the issue and use the router again. 

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