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Explain the procedure for changing or resetting your router’s password

A person using a WiFi connection has the authorization to change or reset its router password, which may be required sometimes due to different reasons. Although a router always comes with a default password as admin, still, a user is advised to change it due to security reasons. Moreover, the user also has the right to reset a router's password later, whenever they wish to do so. Hence, if you want to know the exact procedure for resetting or changing a router password, kindly refer to the information given below.

Steps to router password reset:

  • Firstly, you have to visit the setup page of your router
  • Then go to the administration tab and find factory default option
  • Now press Restore Factory defaults tab from the list given below factory default section
  • Next, wait until the restore factory default procedure is finished successfully
  • Then you can reconfigure the settings and reset your router password and save it

Steps to change router’s password:

  • Firstly, access the online setup page of your router on a browser
  • Then navigate to the administration section and click to open Management tab
  • Now enter a new password in the blank field available for the router password
  • Then input the same password again in the Re-enter to confirm field
  • Hereafter, press the save button to store this changed router password

Hence, the simplest procedure for Router password reset and router password change is perfectly discussed above one after another. Apart from this, you can get additional help by contacting a customer care executive from the support team of the router. They will offer you genuine help for changing or resetting your router’s password efficiently.

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