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(Tutorial) How do I fix my router not connecting to the internet?

The Internet plays a significant role in the digital era. With this, one can perform thousands of activities and access previously inaccessible information. However, it is a technical product so one may face problems such as slow internet and another glitch. 
The most common issue is the router not connecting to the internet. Are you facing a similar problem? Then follow the below mentioned top 4 ways for troubleshooting.

1.Unplug-and-plugin method:

 Have you tried rebooting? If not! Then you should go for it. Rebooting is the most common method that can troubleshoot many small issues, like:

  • Failing to load 
  • Network seems slow 
  • Dropping connection 

You can directly turn off and on the device (if you have the wireless one). But, the plug-in and plug-out method is common for all the devices. Occasional Routers rebooting is vital and helps the device to run well.  

2.Check router’s airflow :

After all, the router is an electronic device that can release heat. It is very common for any electronic device. But, the heat's airflow should be occurring properly. If the device is overheating, then you should disconnect it for a few minutes. 
Excessive heat can cause numerous problems, such as 

  • Lower down the efficiency 
  • Increase the router running time
  • Large energy lose
  • Turn the device to run slow

3.The connection must be strong:

  • If you have a router with wire, then you should go for the wiring connection. We often run for the complex process, but the cause may be small that can be repaired within a second. Here first, start with the checking of wires. 
  • It is quite normal that we kicked the router while walking and that may lose the connection. Make sure that the connection should be secure and strongly connected. 

4.Check there is any interruption or not:

  • The wireless device needs a good space to access the signal. But, sometimes, we place the router in places, like microwaves or cordless phones that interrupt the incoming signal. It may happen that due to this the signal gets weak and fail to load pages. 
  • Additionally, you should keep the antenna vertically not horizontally. Placing in such a position means, the router can easily detect the single. And, make sure the router is placed open surface or place for better working.

Even after trying all the four basic methods for repairing, you are not able to solve the problem, and then go for the technical assistance team of the concerned company. 

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