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Hotmail services are the oldest email services present in the world. The initiative of Microsoft existed even before any other email services existed. For it has been assisting its user since then. Today too, it never fails to resolve the queries of its users. If you face the problem of Hotmail not syncing, you are at the right age to figure out the solution to your problems. Please continue reading to the bottom of the page to get familiar with the issues in your Hotmail and resolve them.

Causes of Hotmail Account not syncing

If you have a problem with your Hotmail not syncing, you should first know that Hotmail is not active anymore. However, it was converted to Outlook back in 2013. If your mail extension is with Hotmail, it is not something to worry about, as the user still exists and gets the necessary assistance. Otherwise, there can be various reasons for your Hotmail not syncing on-page. Refer to the reasons mentioned below:

  • The problem can be cooking and caches. The cookies and caches become malicious and stop your Hotmail account.
  • Your internet connectivity can be harmful as Hotmail works on the internet, so you won’t be able to access it if you have bad internet.
  • The login credentials might be incorrect details. Always make sure that the details are correct to access your Hotmail services.
  • You can try updating your email service, as your version of Hotmail is outdated and out of service.
  •  There might be errors within your Hotmail service due to a virus that stops you from functioning your Hotmail account.

Methods to Troubleshoot with Hotmail, not Syncing Issue

The saying goes, “If there is a problem, then there is a solution for it too.” So is for your problem of Hotmail not syncing. The solution to your difficulty is given below, and all you have to do is read it:

  • The very first instinct is to make sure that the Hotmail is on automatic sync or not. If not, turn it on and auto-sync your mail to work efficiently.
  • Then, you should try to clean your device’s storage and clears all the unwanted and malicious information from your device.
  • Ensure that your login credentials are authentic for accessing the Hotmail services.
  • You should clear all the caches and cookies. Also, try updating your Hotmail version.

How do I refresh my Hotmail account? 

You can log in through your account then the mailbox will open. After that, tap on the refresh button left of the mailbox.

Methods to Fix Hotmail Not Syncing With iPhone

The below-written method includes some basic steps you can apply without expert guidance. 

  • You can move to the settings tab on the iPhone.
  • Choose the mail option, move to the calendars option, and delete the Hotmail account.
  • Now select add account and click on the Microsoft Exchange tab at the account type.
  • Fill in your account details and write on the server address bar.
  • At last, iPhone verifies your account.


That being said, this age covers all the information associated with your Hotmail not updating. If you are still facing a problem with your Hotmail account, you should contact their customer care services. The customer care service is open throughout.

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