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Many users of Hotmail have been facing some issues in the recent past. This is due to many reasons. Some are still not completely aware of the fact that Microsoft has taken over Hotmail a few years back. Those who know, some of them are still facing the issue of syncing their Hotmail with Outlook. 

The reason Behind Hotmail is not receiving Emails

There are several reasons why users of Hotmail are not receiving their Emails on their Hotmail accounts. This is when users get panicked as there might be some vital work mail they might receive. 

  • The issues that users must be facing with their Hotmail account:
  • There are several reasons why users might get to face this issue. Some of them are mentioned in the below points:
  • There must be junk mail that must be creating the issue.
  • There shall be some issue with the users' internet connection that enables them to receive the mail.
  • Sometimes, senders insert the wrong email address on the tab, which can be unable to lead to blocking the route of mail.
  • There are possibilities that the other users might block the user's account.
  • The other reason can be email forwarding being enabled on the Hotmail account.
  • Maybe users have blocked the senders' accounts, due to which the users do not receive the mail.

I will be sharing with you some basic steps through which you’ll be able to fix this issue very easily. 

Steps to fix the issue of email not receiving: 

You would need to fix your web browser. 

Try to log in to the email by using some other browser. (For example - if you were using Google chrome then you can switch to Firefox) 

If in case this doesn’t  get sorted out by changing the browser then you would need to follow the below mentioned quick steps: 

  • Clean up your web browser. That means to delete the history, delete all cookies and cache data) 
  • You can even try updating the plugins of your browser. 
  • You can even try to update the web browser you’re using. 

Try to check the junk email folder:

Check if the junk email folder is full. You would need to delete all of it. Once you have cleared your junk emails then you can easily receive your emails at Hotmail. 

Try to check the email rules:

Through these rules, you can make instructions that tell outlook how to handle the email messages. In case you have created any rule which is restricting you to receive email. Then you can delete it. 

You can check your server status: 

  • At times users are not able to receive the emails on their Hotmail because the server has completely failed. 
  • It happens when there is massive web traffic, or some updates might be running at the back which need to be completely stopped. 

You would need to select the newest on the top filter: 

  • There is a possibility that you’re receiving the email. However, those emails are not visible to you because the newest is not on the top. 
  • Once you select the option of newest on top. Then you’ll be able to see your newest email and your issue is sorted. 

You can delete the email forwarding: 

At times there is an issue that customers face. It is the forwarding error. In case you’re facing this error then you won’t be able to receive the emails. 

To fix this issue you just need to go on Outlook settings. 

  • Click on forwarding. 

  • You would just need to enter the email address and click on the sign and button. 

So, next time when you wonder “Why is my Hotmail not receiving emails?” Then you just need to follow the above-mentioned steps. 

Why Can't I Receive Emails on Hotmail using the Windows mail and Outlook app?

Sometimes, when users use different webmail to send or receive mail from the other users, they sync the application and software with one another. Often, they do not receive mail from the other webmails like Windows mail and Outlook app. The users will look for the issues and try to solve them. The main reasons behind it are mentioned below:

  1. The windows mail and outlook application might not get synced with what users have to look for. 
  2. Users have to allow the mails and calendar apps through Windows Firewall.
  3. Users need to resolve the syncing issues between the mailing applications.

Why is my Hotmail not receiving emails from Gmail? 

There are several reasons why Hotmail is not receiving emails from Gmails. Users face different problems due to these issues. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. There are reasons when the filters of your emails are receiving any spam mail on the account.
  2. Due to many emails, the web browser cannot load the emails completely.
  3. The emails must have been routed or forwarded to another account.
  4. There can be issues related to network security or internet connection.

Steps to fix Hotmail not receiving emails from Certain Domains

If Hotmail is not receiving emails from the different domains, there might be some reason behind it. Users now want to know about the troubleshooting methods to fix the issues. The steps are as follows:

  1. Fix the web browser: users need to fix the web browser they use the maximum number of times. Make changes to your browser.
  2. Clear the browsing data and cookies: The users' browsing history might also show problems. Users have to clear them off from their history or if there are extra unused data.
  3. Try to check the Junk email folder: there are specific issues, and one of them can be the Junk email folder of the users' webmail. Users have to see it and fix the exact issues. 

How can I Fix Outlook not receiving emails on Android?

If users want to know the process to fix the issues of not receiving mail on Outlook that has been installed on their Android devices. There are some ways that they can follow, and they are mentioned below:

  1. Users have to close and reopen the application on their android device forcibly.
  2. Check the internet connection.
  3. Clear cache files to fix the Outlook application for android phones.
  4. Users can even reset the account they have created to operate the webmail. 

Troubleshooting steps to fix Hotmail not receiving emails on iPhone

If any glitches are found related to Hotmail not receiving emails on their iPhone, the users will search for possible ways to fix the issues. There are some troubleshooting methods that Hotmail renders for their users, and they are as follows:

  1. Reconfiguring our Hotmail account on iPhone: users who face the challenges on Hotmail that they operate on iPhone can follow the reconfiguration steps.
  2. Check new mail settings: there must be issues with the data sets that users can face. They only have to check and fetch the new data set on their iPhone's Hotmail application.

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