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Yahoo mail search engine generally works with its email account that you can show at the top of the page and enter your queries relatively. If your Yahoo mail search is not working fine, go through the causes and troubleshooting guide to fix this issue at the right time.

Why does Yahoo Mail search stop working

When choosing the best services and products with the Yahoo email account, you must have smooth access using its specific user ID and password. If you find technical trouble with your Yahoo mail search and it stops working, get some specific causes below.

  • Check the internet browser settings for the mail search.
  • Check the cookies or cache files that could be conflicting.
  • Observe the adobe flash player issue.
  • Get the extensions that block the connection.
  • Yahoo search might be unable to function due to the app cache.

Troubleshooting guide for Yahoo Mail Search Not Working on Browser:

It is all about the Yahoo mail search that helps you search for the best result on your browser and get specific help efficiently. Go through the below steps to get rid of the yahoo mail search not working issue. 

  • First, run a browser and navigate the history page when you observe that the Yahoo mail search is not working perfectly.
  • You must go to the main menu, where you can clear the cache and cookies and troubleshoot the Yahoo search using the settings.
  • You can update for non-members, which helps you open the browser, select the help button, check for updates, and fix the issue.

Quick Steps to fix Yahoo search not working on your iPhone or Android:

If you notice that Yahoo search is not working on your iPhone or Android, you must go through the steps.

  • First, turn on your Smartphone and go to the Yahoo mail application page to get a Yahoo mail search.
  • If you observe some trouble, you can update your Yahoo mail app and uninstall and install the Yahoo app to fix Yahoo search on your iPhone and Android.

Thus, you will start using your Yahoo mail search, which will help you show the best result on your Yahoo mail account.

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