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Keeping your printer updated is essential as it will improve its printing quality and complete the printing in a time-saving mode. If you are not updating the printers, you face slow and bad-quality printers. You need to read below to know the detailed procedure to update the printer driver in windows.

  • First, you have open the device and select the menu option
  • Following this, you must click on the page's settings section.
  • After this, you can see a window update click on that and then open the device manager section.
  • Next, you can see the available devices connected with the device you need to select your printer.
  • Now you need to right-click and choose the option of updating software.
  • If any update is available on the printer driver, the system will automatically update it.

How do I find my printer drivers?

A printer is good as it will help its user scan the document, photocopy, print, etc. Every device has a software name printer driver, which converts the data into a printout. Read the below steps to know how to do it.

  • Open the device and go to the settings page.
  • After this, you need to click on the driver section
  • On the next page, you have to select the device from the connected devices
  • Following this, you can see the printer connected with the device you need to select your printer.
  • Last you can see your printer drivers on the next page.

How do I automatically update printer drivers?

The automatic printer driver update feature benefits users as they do not need to check the updates regularly. If any update is present, the device will automatically check it and then update it. Some users do not have detailed information about the procedure to set the printer drivers on automatic updates; those users need to read below.

  • Open your device and then right-click on the start menu.
  • Then you can see a search option you have to search device installation.
  •  After this, you can see an option for the search result list; you need to click on the change device installation settings.
  •  Following this, you can choose 'Yes, do automatically update' and 'No, let me choose what to do.'
  •  You have to select the Automatically update option and then save the changes.

How to know if your printer driver is up to date?

Sometimes the user sets the printer driver's settings to update automatically, which automatically updates the device. With automatic updates, the user cannot know whether their device gets updated or not. Those users need to read below to get the complete information about this.

  • The user needs to open their system and search the device manager tab.
  • After this, in the Display adapters section, open it.
  • Further, you need to select the printer and then go to their properties.
  •  Following this, click on details, and then you can see the date you last updated your printer driver.
  •  If you updated the driver a long time ago, you have to click on the driver and update the driver.

The ways will help you to know about the How To Update Printer Driver. Still, if your concern remains unsolved, you can also connect with the official representatives of your printer; they will help you and guide you by giving the solutions.

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