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How to fix printer connected but not printing? Read on;

A printer is a mechanism through which one can easily get their documents printed on blank white paper. While most of the output work is done by a human, but the printing of words is majorly & very efficiently are done by the printer. There are different types of printers in the market that includes inkjet printer, laser printer, 3D printer & thermal printer, etc.

Sometimes while everything is connected with the connected printer, but then also the printer refuses to accept the command is when the internet connection that connects, a printer with the computer gets a problem, or the wiring might have some issue in connecting. The printer that you plugged in with a USB hub on the system with many peripherals to accommodate the direct connection may refuse to work in that way. As for now wireless systems are also getting or creating problems in serving.

So, if you are getting problem of printer connected but not printing, then here are few points that will guide you that how can you fix this problem;

  • First of all, check that if your printer’s light is creating any kind of error
  • Then you have to clear the printer queued items. And for clearing your queued items you have to follow these steps; go to the system preferences than from their click on the printers &scanners, then simply open print queue, then click on the right button & then on any old item click so that the things get clear for smooth functioning
  • You also have to solidify the connection, this thing can be done by unplugging the wires & then re-installing the connections once again
  • And always be assured that your printer is the right one connected to your PC. For checking that you have to simply go in the setting option their printer option is there, then you can check that is right printer is connected to your PC or not
  • Now you can simply install the drivers & the updated software that will help you to restart your printer once again with better performance
  • Then add your printer. And if you want to connect it with the latest windows 10, then you have to follow these points to activate it; first head towards the settings, then go to devices from there go to printers & scanners & then add the printer.
  • Then check the papers are properly installed and do not jam the printer space
  • Now fiddle with the ink cartridges
  • Then at last run the printer on its self-test, for that you have to simply go on the settings, then from their go to the devices, now on the printers & scanners then by selecting your printer from the option, then by clicking on the manage button, you give them permission to the printer to run a test page.
  • So, by these steps, you can fix the problem of your printer with your computer.
  • Sometimes printers get the problem of getting connected with the laptop because if the computer is infected with the virus then it slows down the functioning of the laptop & also stops the functioning with the other connected devices. And, the main reason could be the printer gets internal system problems that make it slow and non-functional.

However if you want any further information regarding printer connected to laptop but not printing, then by getting in touch with the customer care represe4ntative who all are qualified & skilled enough, that they can provide you with the best solutions, with steps that will guide you to resolve your problem with their help. The executives are available 24*7 with their services so that you get solutions for your queries instantly.

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