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If you are a MacBook user facing a problem like a black screen, this information will guide you to fix the black screen on your MacBook Pro. Users need to start with simple solutions discussed in the report below.

  • Firstly, you must check if the power is on, as it can happen due to lower power, then try to charge it for up to 10 minutes.
  • It would be best to disconnect all the external devices connected to the Mac, such as printers, drives, phones, chargers, etc.
  • If these two do not work out well, you must try restarting the system by Pressing the Control + Command and Power/ Eject/ Touch ID button, depending on the Mac model.
  • Otherwise, you can shut it down by pressing the power key for a minimum of 5 seconds and then wait 15 seconds.
  • Reboot the system.
  • Reset NVRAM settings.

Why is my MacBook Pro on, but the screen is black?

It could happen due to several reasons, which you can check here.

  • Incompatibility of Software or Hardware.
  • It shows a black screen sometimes because of insufficient power.
  • It can happen due to poor contact between hardware and firmware.
  • Occasionally, third-party apps expand the screen.

Why is my MacBook screen dark?

If your MacBook screen is dark, you must check the brightness level to check that the system is not in Sleeping mode; kindly check that the MacBook is turned on. Users should also check the cables. If these methods do not work well, you should call the Apple Authorized Service Center to get tech support to resolve the issue.

How do you wake up with a black screen on a MacBook Air?

You should Press Control + Command, a symbol with four loops + power/ Eject/ Touch ID button to wake up the black screen on MacBook Air. It will automatically restart the device. Otherwise, you can hold the power button and wait 15 seconds to reboot the system.

How do I fix my MacBook Pro not turning on?

If you press the power button to turn on the Macbook, but it is still off, and you are looking for How to fix the black screen on the Macbook Pro, then the user should follow these steps.

Check Power Connection - The person should ensure the cable is not damaged and plugged correctly.

Press the power button - You are advised to press and hold the power key for at least 10 seconds to reboot it.

Unplug External Devices - There must be an issue with any accessories or cables, so the user needs to unplug all the external devices, such as phones, printers, and more.

In case something displays on the screen - If the screen shows the flash mark, the system is turned on but unable to start up.

Nothing showing on screen - If nothing is on the screen, there must be a software issue.

Reset the System Management Controller if you are using an older one.

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook screen?

If the problem remains the same after applying all the suggestions, you should go for screen replacement to fix the MacBook screen, which will cost around $329 to $549 for the latest models. Customers with A1706, A1708, and A2159 will spend $ 329 for screen repair.

Why is my MacBook screen black, but the keyboard lights up?

This problem can arise if you are using poor currents or third-party local MacBook chargers. The keyboard lights up when the system is charged. To fix this, press the brightness keys or F1 and F2.

How can you reset your MacBook Pro screen?

To reset the MacBook Pro screen, turn off the system and unplug it for 15 seconds. When the power is off, the user should Hold down shift + Option + Control + the power button.

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