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Macbook is designed by Apple company that made advancements in computer technology. People using Mac are well aware that the Mac has a screen recording. The users can take screenshots and record the screen on their Macbook using the keyboard shortcut. People often use it to save information displayed on their screens.

How do you screen record on a Mac?

There are some simple steps to do the screen recording on your Macbook. It can be done through the screenshot toolbar.

  • To get the Screenshot toolbar, the users have to press Shift+ Command+5.
  • A control panel will appear on your screen to record the entire screen.
  • You can adjust and record the chosen portion o your screen or capture a still image of your screen.

How do I record my screen on my Mac with voice?

The users may have to take the help of an external app to make the screen recording with audio as they can't get their voice recorded. One of the many ways to get the screen recorded your Msc with voice is through the Dropshare app. Dropshare is a sharing tool that allows you to do a screen recording and instantly save it. The steps to do that are mentioned here.

  • Open the app and click on the mic icon in the Dropshare app.
  • Once the mic is on, click on the red button, and your voiceover will be recorded along with your screen record.

How can I record my Macbook screen with the keyboard?

The users can proceed with the screen recording by giving the 'Shift+Command+5' command on their Macbook. The rest of the process to start the recording is most preferred t be done with the use of a mouse pad.

Where do screen recordings go on Mac?

The screen record will be saved in your default setting, and your desktop storage location on Mac is your desktop. But the users can change their storage location from the screenshot tool setting option.

What version of Mac can screen record?

Screenshot is a built-in screen capture programme available on all Macs (running macOS Mojave or newer). It can capture screenshots or a video of your screen and is free to use.

How long can you screen record on Mac?

The users do not have any time limit in screen recording of their Mac. They can make a video for as long as you wish as per your drive space to save the recorded work. 


All the information given above will be enough for you to figure out how to screen record on Mac, and for more details, make sure you visit their official website.

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