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If you have any security-related issues or need general information, you can call Instagram customer service at 1-650-543-4800 and talk to the real person by following the steps below:

  • Dial the Instagram number 1-650-543-4800 and follow the IVR 
  • Select a language and the service you are calling for 
  • Follow further options you hear from the phone call 
  • In a while, a live agent at Instagram will join the phone, stay online 
  • Once the Instagram real-person is available, talk to them and get the answers to your query  

How can I email Instagram support? 

If you have to share a complaint or feedback, etc, you can email to Instagram anytime. You can compose the email with the help of your regular email account and, when done, share it with the official Instagram email ID The Instagram team will review your email and share a reply soon. 

How do I file a complaint against Instagram?

If you have to file a complaint against Instagram, here are the various options you can use to share a complaint:

  1. Report a problem: Go to the Instagram profile page > Menu > Settings > Help > Report a problem. 
  2. Via contact form: You can fill out the specific form related to your query on the help centre page of Instagram. The links are DMCA, nonprofit fundraiser, donations or payment support.
  3. Mail to Instagram: You can directly send a complaint letter to Instagram at the mailing address: LLC, Menlo Park, 1601 Willow Road, California 94025,
  4. Phone call or email: You can call the Instagram team directly at 650-543-4800 or send an email to Instagram at

How can I contact Instagram about a problem? 

If you want to report a problem on Instagram, here are the step-by-step methods you can follow: 

  • To begin, sign in to the Instagram account 
  • Go to the profile icon in the bottom menu 
  • Tap the menu, click on ‘settings’ and then ‘help.’
  • Click on the link ‘report a problem’ and choose one option your problem is related to, and follow the prompt 

How long does Instagram support take to respond? 

How long Instagram support takes to respond depends on the support option you are using. For a call, it takes 5-10 minutes generally and can be longer on the time you are calling. Besides, for other options, it might take longer to share a response. 

How do you chat with Instagram support? 

If you want to connect with Instagram support by chat, you can follow these steps : 

  • Get on the profile page of your Instagram account
  • Look for ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Help.’ 
  • Locate the chat icon and share your message in the box
  • Follow the self-help commands, and an Instagram representative will join the chat soon 


By walking through the article, you can connect with the Instagram support team anytime in various ways for various reasons. For more information or if you still have any confusion, visit the Instagram help center page online, or you can also join the Instagram county to get help from other users and experts.

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