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Instagram is the most probable account that many users can use. However, sometimes, they lose their account, and they don’t have any mode of getting back it. Therefore, Instagram makes some way to get back your account. However, are you also losing your Instagram? So, here you will see the ways to recover your Instagram account without Email & Phone Numbers. You will find it below about recovering method for the Instagram account.

A Guide to recover Instagram Account Without Email

There are many ways of recovering an Instagram Account. However, if you don’t have an email account and have registered your Instagram account with your phone number and (on) your 2-step verification, you must follow these steps to recover it.

  • Try to log in to your account with a username and password
  • Tap on forget password
  • Move for clicking on the phone number option (to get the link)
  • Open the link that will send your phone number 
  • Set a new password and save it
  • You get access to your account.

Therefore, with that, you will get your Instagram account access again.

How to recover an Instagram account without the Mobile Number?

So, if you don’t register your Instagram to your mobile number while registering and register your mail with it. And, On your 2-step verification with email, you get your account access quickly. And the steps are:

  • Login your account
  • Tap forget password
  • Get the link by email 
  • Open the link and set your new password
  • And you will get your account access again.

Instagram account Recovery After it was Disabled

Moreover, you will get your account back if it is disabled by appealing to Instagram. You must fill out the Instagram recovery after disabling the appeal form. And Instagram verifies it and provides your account to you when they complete your verification.

Thus, if you face problems recovering, you can also mail them with the opening and closing date of the account and last picture you post, and the date and Id and password by another Instagram account. However, after verification, Instagram will send you access to your account.

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