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If you have an apple device, then it will provide you with access to iCloud, which you can use to save your important photos and data on your Apple device safe and secure. If you are also struggling with how to access iCloud email, don't worry; you can do it with some easy steps. You must use your email account on the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How can you Access iCloud on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

You can use iCloud Drive on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and windows computer. You can keep your files up to date so you can find them easily on your iCloud DriveDrive. Make sure your Apple ID is active, and you are signed in. If not, you will not have access to use iCloud, and your files will also not be updated on iCloud DriveDrive. Let's go through the steps written below.

iCloud on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you have to go to the settings, and then in your name option, you will find the iCloud option.
  • Make sure to turn on iCloud Drive. Then your app list will appear below your iCloud Drive. You have to select apps for storing that app data on your iCloud.
  • If you want to check your iCloud files and folders, you can open the iCloud and then open your files and folders.

iCloud on your Mac

If you are struggling to access your iCloud on your Mac, follow the steps written down.

  • On your Mac, you have to go to the Apple menu, and there you have to go to the system preference, click on the Apple ID and then again click on the iCloud.
  • Then select the iCloud Drive.
  • Then you have to select the desktop and folders; then, you will get the access to update it on iCloud once you turn on the iCloud. You can add your desktop and document files to iCloud Drive. So it can store your data in iCloud.
  • You can open Finder to view your iCloud Drive files and folders.

Steps for Using the Website to Access iCloud

You can access your iCloud through the website if you have lost your device and you have the critical data on the device; then, in such case, you can access your iCloud using the website. Go through the steps written down to access iCloud using the website.

  • You have to download iCloud for windows.
  • Then once it is downloaded, you can restart your computer.
  • And make sure that the iCloud for windows is open.
  • Then you will be on the login page; enter your Apple ID to log in to iCloud.
  • You can also check for the feature to select some of the data you want on your device, and after that, click on apply.
  • After this, your iCloud access process is done.

How to Access iCloud on Your Android Phone

If you want to get the access to iCloud on your android device in such a case, you can navigate to, and then you have to sign in with your Apple ID; if you don't have the Apple ID make the new one, this way you can get the access of iCloud on your android phone. You can also see the shortcuts available on iCloud web apps, Mails, Photos, and Find phone.


Now that you understand how to access iCloud mail from any device, you must be confident in your knowledge, and you can easily access your iCloud Drive.

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