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Safari is the web browser for iPhone or Apple users where they can browse the Internet and avail of other services. However, users raise a query about the appropriate way to get the latest version of Safari on iPhone.

  • First, you have to go to the settings of your iPhone device. 
  • Then go to the tab General. (Make sure you have backed up your account). 
  • If the update is visible, click and set it to upgrade. 
  • Provide your passcode to continue. 
  • Once updated, you will use the latest version of it on your iPhone. 

How do I update Safari on my iPhone without updating iOS? 

A query comes about how to update Safari on iPhone without updating IOS, so to find the answer, below are the points that were written:

  • You can only update it on your iPhone if you have updated iOS. 
  • You have to update the latest iOS version, which you will find in your Settings, then to General, where you will view the request to update.

Does Safari update automatically on iPhones? 

Since it is stated that to use the updated version of Safari, you have to update your device or iPhone rather than it. However, associated with it, the query is asked by their users about the Auto-update of it. So, give a read to the points:

  • To get it updated on your device, you have to enable the auto-update of your device in your settings. 
  • Once your device is updated, it will be too. 
  • In case of any technical glitch, you can approach the customer support team at Apple, who will guide you in all the possible ways. 

How do I update Safari on my old Mac?

To utilize the updated services of the agency on the Safari platform, some steps are required to be followed that which are mentioned below:

  • In the Apple Menu, you have to go to System Preferences. 
  • There you will view the Update tab; click on it. 
  • Once clicked, you will find it updated on your old Mac. 

What is the latest browser version for Safari? 

Users of Apple always raise a query to be aware of the latest version of Safari on their phones so they are updated fully. Because what happens if you use an old version? This may bring some bugs while operating it, and your search results will be affected by the same. Hence, give a careful reading to the points given below:

  • You can find the 16.4.1 version of it on your device. 
  • To get it, you will have to update your iPhone. 

How do I find my Safari browser settings? 

If you want to update Safari or an iPhone, you must be looking forward to finding it in your Settings so you can look at the points provided below:

  • On your device, you have to go to the Setting first. 
  • There you will find the option to search; click. 
  • Type "Safari" in it. 
  • You will view the tab, connect and make necessary changes or updates. 

Why can't I update my Safari browser?

There are reasons attached for being unable to update it on your device which is:

  • Now, you will find browser update options in the App Store (as deleted by Apple). 
  • To update it, you have to update your device only.

Bottom Line

Once you go through the discussion, your query, "How do I update Safari browser?" will resolve, and you can update it on your iPhone or Mac without any hassle.

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