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How to disable pop-up blocker on Safari Browser?

Apple is known for its own built-in applications that make the devices user friendly and Safari is one of them. Safari is one of the web browsers designed by Apple and already installed in Apple devices. To be precise, Safari is the by default browser found in all types of apple devices.

Pop-ups in the Safari browser:

We use the web browser on a daily basis to access the internet and for that, we visit different types of websites. There are so many types of websites that we open and also end up downloading the data. And in case if you open any ad or a website, you will start getting pop up related to the same link which gets irritating sometimes. And if you realize that you are getting too many pop-ups then you can take the help of a few steps to disable the pop-up blocker in safari.

How to remove pop up in safari?

To disable a pop-up blocker in the safari browser, there are different types of steps for the different types of devices. Here is it how you can disable the pop-up in the browser.

Steps to disable the pop up in the MAC Device

  • To start with, first of all, go to the Safari app on the device and then tap on the safari option followed by the preferences.
  • Now after this, go to the websites and then click on the pop-up windows option.
  • You can block the pop-up windows for the websites in the list. You can get the website access in the right column and then choose the option you have.
  • Moving further, if the website is not on the list then go back to the website where you will find the pop-up option in the extreme right corner and you can easily choose the option that you want.
  • Furthermore, now you can see all the customized websites in the list mentioned below. Just in case you don’t find the website then you might have cleared it.
  • Make sure you have cleared all the websites in the list of customized websites. Moreover while blocking the pop-ups, keep one thing in mind that you might also fail to see certain content if you end up blocking the pop-ups.

Blocking any particular website:

Sometimes the users want to block any single website and for that, the steps are a little different. To find out, tap below.

  • First of all open that website you want to block.
  • Now after this tap on the link of safari followed by the option of the preferences.
  • Tap on the link of the websites and then pop up.
  • Now choose any one option related to the website. If you want to block it then follow the online instructions and then block the popup.
  • And you are done! If you have any doubt related to the pop-up, then contact the customer service team of Apple.

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