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You can reset Spotify's password on the web, and it will be really easy and accessible from the preferred system. The web option will make it easier and quicker to maintain the login credentials.

  • Log in using your credentials on Spotify's home page. In the text box, enter your username or email address and tap the send button. 
  • Now, at the next panel, move to the inbox and tap on the mail with the " reset your password" option. Following that, click on the reset password. 
  • Finally, it will be redirected to the Reset page. Enter confirm the new password, then select the send button, and you will be all set to log in again. 

Why won't Spotify send me an email to reset my password? 

Spotify won't send me an email to reset the password, and then the problem lies in the email account; if there is an old email in which the recovery link is dropped by default, look for that particular email. 

Users can ensure that the spam and junk folders are checked, and maybe there are other separate folders where the mail has been sent automatically. On the other hand, sometimes the email address is wrong at the specified address, so keep checking. 

How do you reset your Spotify account?

  • Move to the official panel of Spotify. 
  • Now tap on the log out everywhere option.
  • Then, choose "reset your Spotify password."
  • At last, go through the on-screen instructions to get in touch with the customer service executive. 

How do I change the password in the Spotify app?

  • You can change the password in the Spotify app, which can be done through a smartphone. 
  • Sign up with the account on the app.
  • Then, select the profile icon and tap on the account.
  • Now, choose the change password option and enter the current and new passwords.
  • Finally, set the password. 

How do I see my current Spotify password?

You can open the settings option and then choose the account tab. Now, at the account page, go under the account section, then select the password tab, and the panel will show the current password lists on the panel. 

Why can't I log into my Spotify account?

If the user is unable to log into the Spotify account, then there must be internet connectivity problems or a technical glitch in the Spotify app. You can check the login credentials, which might be wrong. Because of this, the page is not accepting requests. Another reason is that the wrong app has been downloaded.

How do I find my Spotify account details?

You can find the Spotify account details on the Spotify app. To do so, open the account and search for the username in the upper right-hand corner, which is located in the circular profile picture. To view the details, tap on the name. This will show the user page and the name in large, white letters.

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