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Spotify is basically a digital music, video, and podcast service that offers different types of song lists and other related content. Many users are often interested in How to add local files to Spotify, especially when it is unavailable on the online platform. Users who add local songs or files to Spotify can easily access it whenever they require it. With the help of some of the given illustrating points, they can easily add some of the local files to Spotify.

  • Users can open the Spotify official page: and log in to their accounts.
  • They can either swipe left or go with their profile pictures.
  • They can now scroll down to the available local files.
  • Users can switch show audio files from the device on.
  • They should now go to other libraries and check whether local files and folders are appearing on the playlists.
  • Finally, the user can pick the file source to understand the real concept of how to add audio to the Spotify folder.

Do you need Spotify Premium for local files?

It is not necessary for users to have premium subscriptions to access the local files or song lists. Users can easily add local song lists on Spotify anytime without using any paid subscriptions. However, with the premium features, users can access some of Spotify's advanced features very quickly.

How do I access local files on my iPhones?

iPhone supports Spotify, and users can easily access some of the local files on iOS platforms. To access the Spotify local files on iPhone, users should go with the below steps.

  • When users open the Spotify app or page on their iPhone, they can swipe left or choose their profile pictures.
  • They can tap settings and privacy options.
  • After switching to an audio file from the iPhone device, users can go to the Library options and click on the local files.
  • Thus, users can get the Spotify local file source on iPhone devices.

Why aren't my local files showing up on Spotify?

Sometimes, users are unable to access the local files on Spotify because of many reasons. Some of the primary causes which deny local files on Spotify are:

  • DRM protections restrict users from seeing the local files.
  • When local files are not stored correctly.
  • If users "Show audio files from the device" are not enabled.

How do I transfer local files from Spotify to my phone?

Users can synchronize their Spotify local files on the phone under the add playlists options. Initially, users must reach the settings and click on the playback button. Once users get through the playback, they can quickly go with the turn on "" Offline mode" options so that they can transfer local files from Spotify on their smartphone devices. In addition, users can create local file playlists on smartphones and click on the download button.

Are local files on Spotify private?

Yes, local files on Spotify are private and cannot be shared directly with other users. However, they can access it after login to their accounts and checking the local playlists.

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