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Need assistance to change your Telus Webmail password? Here are the steps for it

Many times it happens that people forget their password and username for their account. Mostly it happens when you change your device or use some other device instead of your own device. If you too forgot it then don’t worry you can regain control in no time. Check out this post for details.

How to change the Telus account password

The process of Telus email Password change is an easy process. All you have to do is in the following:

  • Go to My TELUS account page.

  • My TELUS is a page that helps you manage your TELUS account. 

  • When you go to their website you will find My TELUS as the last option in the ribbon on the top of their page. 

After clicking on it you can opt for the following:

  • From there go to the login page

  • Click on forgot password link there will be a code sent to your alternate email account. 

  • Once it is sent please go and check it out and click on it. 

  • Then it will redirect you back to Telus. 

  • Once you are there reset your password.

If you forgot your username even then you can find it by clicking on the forgot your username link on My TELUS page.  

A similar step needs to be followed in this case of username too. Please find it in your alternate email. 

What if your alternate email is inaccessible to you?

If you registered using your phone number then you need to do the following:

  • Opt for send Text

  • Then you will receive a code in the SMS. 

  • Just feed in that code and recover your account in the above fashion. 

  • Once in then, you can change your password

If you are connecting to My TELUS then possibly you lost your credentials for your other email too. Next time you change your devices please make sure to use your old device to make access available to your new device before you just log in using your new device to save you from the hassle of recovering your credentials.

What next once you gain access back?

Set a password which:

  • you can remember easily

  • however, it should be a strong password 

  • It shouldn’t be that easy to guess by others

  • Common things which may be known to others or could be found out by others should be prohibited for use as a password. Birthday, phone number, or other such information which is available in your circle. 

  • You should use the guidelines down on the help page of the website such as using 8 characters and using some special characters in your password. 

Hope you could get through the Telus webmail password change. If you like our post then please provide feedback. It will do immense good to us and help us grow.

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