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If your specific hardware component is not working properly, you can update the component driver on your HP laptop. Users should know the step-by-step process required to update drivers on HP laptops, as discussed in the information below.

  • Go to Windows, search for the device manager option, and open it.
  • After that, the screen will show the list of devices. 
  • Expand the device that needs to be updated.
  • Users should right-click the device and then choose to click the updated driver.
  • Click on the icon Search automatically for drivers, and then you should follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To complete the installation process, you need to restart the system.

How do I know if my HP laptop drivers are up to date?

The most effective way to keep your system functioning in all manner is to keep your system upgraded. To check if your HP laptop drivers are up to date, you should know the basic simple steps discussed in the following information.

  • You should click on the settings icon.
  • Then select the option Update and Security.
  • After that, you need to tap on the Windows Update and then tap on the Check for Updates icon.
  • In case new drivers are available, then click on the option download and install automatically.

What is the recommended method for updating HP drivers?

If your HP laptop is malfunctioning, you can update HP drivers to troubleshoot the issue. You are recommended to open the windows and search for Open Device Manager. Expand the device you want to update among the list of devices, then double-click the device tab, choose update driver, and follow further instructions.

How do I install all drivers on my HP laptop?

If you are willing to Install all drivers manually on your HP laptop so that the windows work properly, there are certain points that you should know else you can read the mentioned information given below.

  • Users should be required to visit the HP support page.
  • Then, go to the Software and Downloads page.
  • To identify your product you need to select your laptop type.
  • After that user needs to type the model of the laptop and tap on the submit icon.

How do you reset the driver on an HP laptop?

To reset the driver use the given steps.

  • Turn on your system and Press F10 repeatedly to open Setup.
  • Use the arrow keys to access the advanced tab.
  • Click on the HP secure recover tab and then navigate to the main tab.
  • Confirm changes and Exit.

How do I update my HP driver?

You can update your HP driver by opening the device manager and expanding the device you want to update. Select the option of automatically searching for drivers and follow further instructions.


If you want to learn about how to update drivers on an HP laptop, go through the above information to find out the adequate answers to the raised questions else talk to HP customer support.

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