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Here’s How To Access Old Hotmail Account Without Password:

Missing out on an old account on Hotmail? And have no idea about its old password? Well, this happens with many users, and yet they seek info about their account password recovery. Also, Hotmail accounts are also important for accessing various Windows and other Microsoft services. And if someone has already an account on it, then it is better to recover it instead of getting a new one. Now, accessing an old account on Hotmail can be tricky as you’ll have to reset its password first.

Since it is not easy to fetch a new password from Microsoft directly, you’ll have to reset it on your own. Therefore, read further to know about the quick process to recover old Hotmail account.

Steps To Recover Old Hotmail Account

Follow the steps mentioned below to verify your identity on your old Hotmail account, and reset its password.

  • Visit the Hotmail email account recovery page in your web browser, then select Sign In.
  • Next, enter the email address or username linked to your old Hotmail account, then choose Next to select the Forgot password link at the bottom.
  • Now, you’ll need to choose the Show More Verification Methods option, then select an
  • appropriate option from the list.
  • You’ll be able to see two account recovery options – Email address & phone number.
  • If you opt for the email option, then you’ll be receiving a password reset link on it. And for the text option, Hotmail will send you a text message to help you log in. However, you’ll need to enter the last four digits of the phone number that is linked to your account. In case, if you don't have access to any of these verification options, then you can select I don't have any of these options.
  • Hereafter, you can select Send code, and you’ll get a code on the phone or email account that you will be required to enter on the web page.
  • If you are using the app, then you can use it to authenticate your account on Hotmail.
  • Once, you have authenticated your Hotmail account, then you can now enter a new password for it followed by saving the changes.

Get Expert Advice On How To Recover Old Hotmail Account:

In case, if you Cannot recover old Hotmail account with the help of the aforementioned process, then contact the tech experts at Hotmail to get further assistance. They’ll surely help you out with the best information and solutions with your Hotmail account.

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