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How do I reset Password?

Microsoft live account is used to access the multiple services provided by Microsoft and users can very easily use it on all sorts of devices to send and receive emails. One can smoothly utilize the Microsoft related services but sometimes many circumstances faced by the users when they forget their password and then confront problems to access their Microsoft account. After forgetting the password, they look for a way to reset the password.

How to reset Microsoft password?

Have you forgotten your Microsoft Live account password? Then you have to recover it immediately in order to access your Microsoft Live account. Microsoft provides multiple ways to recover the password and one can smoothly apply them for password recovery. But if you don’t know about the Microsoft password reset process, then you have must have to know about that.

 Contact on +1-802-613-0131 for further assistance or having difficulty in the recovery of the account.

Steps for Microsoft account recovery:

  • Go to the official password reset page via
  • Enter your Microsoft live account ID into the given field that the password you wish to reset.
  • Click on Next.
  • Now select password reset method via phone or recovery email address where you will be sent a verification code to your provided address.
  • Enter the verification code that you have received and then click on Next.
  • Now Microsoft will verify your account and then you will be redirected to the next page where you have to enter your new password.
  • After that, enter a new password for your Microsoft account and then also re-enter the same password to confirm.
  • Click on Next to complete the process of password reset.

With these above-described steps, Microsoft password reset process can be simply performed and if you are not able to reset, then you can contact the customer service team of Microsoft and get the effective assistance to reset your password.

Check out the detailed procedure to recover Microsoft account password without email

For the users who are encountering issues while logging into their Microsoft account can be because of multiple reasons like two-step verification not working, forgotten email password, and more. 

Well, the users can easily resolve the login issues by using the Microsoft reset password process. Besides, for the users who are looking for the procedure on how to recover Microsoft account without using email, they can follow the detailed steps mentioned in this article. 

Follow the instructions to recover Microsoft account without email

  • To reset the Microsoft account password, visit the recovery page. 
  • Further, select a reason for the password reset and proceed. 
  • Now, enter the email id, phone number used at the time of Microsoft account creation. 
  • Then, enter the captcha mentioned on the screen and click on submit. 
  • After that, a one-time code will be offered to the user that one can enter to verify their Microsoft account. 
  • Once done, the user can create a new password for their Microsoft account and save the changes. 

Hence, in this way, the user can perform Microsoft reset password process and regain access to their Yahoo account in time. In case, if the user faces any problem, they can contact the support for the required help. 

How do I reset my Microsoft password on Windows 10?

Are you inquiring about the reset of the Microsoft account password? Resetting a Microsoft password on any is quite possible with the help of a manageable online procedure. Similarly, the process to reset the Microsoft password on windows 10 is pretty simple. If you are not informed about this online procedure to reset Microsoft password on windows 10, then this is the best stage for you to gather correct knowledge. Hence, the specific procedure to reset Microsoft account password on windows 10 is as explained below:

  • Visit official Microsoft website and find the reset password option
  • Click on Reset your password link and a new window will open
  • Now select the reasons for resetting your password
  • Then hit continue and enter your Microsoft email ID
  • You can also enter your phone number or Skype ID instead of the email address
  • Next, verify for not a robot by entering the characters correctly as given
  • Then tap next, and choose to receive code from Microsoft in registered number or recovery email
  • Hereafter, enter the code you have received from Microsoft in the recovery page
  • Then the page to reset Microsoft password will open once the account is verified
  • You have to type a unique password twice in the given boxes
  • Lastly, hit save button to store this new Microsoft password

Therefore Microsoft Password Reset on Windows 10 is as simple as discussed above. Apart from that, you can also get assistance from a technical expert from the customer care team of Microsoft, regarding resetting your account password efficiently.

How do I recover my locked Microsoft account?

If you have a locked Microsoft account, you will not be able to access your account as the access is denied. Microsoft locks the account when any unusual activity is noticed on your account. It could either be malware, phishing or other data theft activities.

Recover locked Microsoft account:

In order to regain access to your Microsoft account, you need to recover the account. The steps of recovery are as follows:

  • The first step is to browse the account recovery page.
  • Enter the email address, skype or phone number to sign-in and click Next.
  • In the next step, you are asked to select the recovery method among the options of phone number or alternate email address.
  • You are then required to enter the required info to receive the code.
  • Enter the code in the given field to verify your identity.
  • Once verified, you will be provided with an option to create a new Microsoft account password.
  • You can finally use the password for accessing the account.

To get more details about the Microsoft password reset, you can contact the technical support team. The technical experts will provide assistance for all the Microsoft related queries. The contact info to reach the support is available on Microsoft’s official website.


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  • John Dearden
  • 03-Sep-19
  • Hi. I haveformatted my phone and am trying to recover my email account. I can't remember the password and went to recovery. Anyway it asked me for emails sent and I can't remember the ones I have sent. I can remember the ones sent to me Any help will be greatly appreciated
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  • John dearden
  • 04-Sep-19
  • Hi, I have recently factory resettled my phone and I am trying to get back on to my account, the phone number associated with the account is now in active. I filled the submit more data form and I can't rember the last time I sent an email to that account. My account is I can
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  • I am having a problem signing in to my Microsoft account
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  • unblock my friend microsoft account
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  • I forgot my Microsoft password for minecraft
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  • Need to get into one drive
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  • 12-May-20
  • I lost my cellphone no and I was never able to reowner that cell no. I set a two-step verification method on Microsoft website before I lost the cell no. I tried to reset password and each time it came to a step where it sent the password to the cell no that I lost ownership of. At this stage, I am
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