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How to recover disabled Google account?

People who have wrong intentions always are up to something wrong. And such users do not leave any stone unturned to damage other users properties and privacy. If such a thing has happened to you and as a result of which your Google account has been disabled then you do not have to get puzzled. You have chosen the right platform as this piece of information will help you in getting back your Google account.

It may also happen that if you did not use the Google account continuously for months then it will automatically be disabled. So, whatever be the reason, the users may follow the steps below to get back their account in simple steps.  

Steps to Recover Disabled Google Account:

  1. Visit the web browser and go to Google account from the search bar.

  2. Enter the username in the space given on screen and then tap “Next”.

  3. In the next step, you will see that your Google account has been disabled with the reasons displayed in front of you. Choose the appropriate reason behind your disabled process account and tap “Next”.

  4. The user will be redirected to Google recovery page with three recovery options. The user is then required to choose any one recovery options.

  5. In case, the user goes with recovery using the phone then tap on it and check the number linked to the account and then tap “Send Code”.

  6. Check the verification code and enter the same in the space given on screen.

  7. In case of recovery using security question, the security question gets displayed in front of you. Enter the answer in the space and tap “Next”.

  8. For recovery using an email account, check the inbox of recovery email and follow the instructions.

  9. Google will then allow you to create a new password. Hence, create the password that is strong enough and unique at the same time and then taps “Next”.

  10. After entering the password, Google will be sending the verification email to the recovery account.

  11. Follow the instructions again and your account gets activated with a new password.

Therefore, with the help of the above steps, the users can easily get back their disabled Google account.

Still, Not Got Back Your Google Account? Contact Google Customer Service!

In case, the users are unable to get back their Google account, then they are free to contact the Google Customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active and is made available on various platforms. The users may contact on any of the platforms which he finds comfortable. These platforms are toll-free helpline number, chat support or email support.  


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  • abhi ram
  • 30-Jul-19
  • sir,good gmail id has is my personal email id.iamusing this for so many years.please recovery it..
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