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Useful Guide to How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails:

Yahoo mail is one of the best and efficient email services in the market. Known as the first email it has now updated its features with the advancement in technology. It also has a simple user interface with many new interesting features. But, sometimes many users may face issues while working with Yahoo. So, if you are such a user who is facing issues like Yahoo mail not receiving emails then it might be possible due to many reasons. To fix the issue the user may read the space further. 

Reasons Behind Why Yahoo  Not Receiving Emails: 

  1. Improper internet connection. 
  2. Yahoo Inbox storage full.
  3. The user has not yet updated the Yahoo application.
  4. Improper Account login. 

And there can be many other reasons that may lead to cause such a problem with the users. And to fix this, the user can follow the steps below. 

 Various Ways to Fix Yahoo Mail:

  1. Check the internet connection. If not working properly then contact the service provider.
  2. Clear the storage space from the inbox. 
  3. Update the Yahoo mail application to the latest version. 
  4. Check if you have to input the correct login credentials. 
  5. Also first uninstall and then install the application and check if the problem is resolved or not. 
  6. If you are using Yahoo email on a browser then delete the caches, history, and thumbnails from the settings of the web browser. 

Hence, with the help of the above tips, one can fix his Yahoo mail not receiving issue. 


It can be a big problem if the inbox of your Yahoo Mail stops working in the manner it should, irrespective of what the problem is. There might be several reasons for this issue in receiving mails in Yahoo. This article throws some light on the things that you should try when the issue of Yahoo mail not receiving emails occurs.

What causes such issues?

There can be many reasons and causes of such issues, out of which, the major causes of Yahoo Mail Delivery Problems are listed below:

  • Issues with the account

  • Interruptions in the system

  • Errors in the user functionality

What are the solutions?

Problems bring along with them all the solutions. Here, this problem of Yahoo Mail also comes up with solutions.

  • Checking the spam folder. The significant automatic bulk-mail filter by Yahoo does a decent job of making sure that unwanted emails don't get to your inbox, but it makes mistakes occasionally. You should always check the spam folder to see if the email(s) you're expecting accidentally ended up landing there.

  • Taking a look at your filters. Yahoo Mail includes a feature that assists you automatically to sort the messages as soon as they arrive. It's a very convenient feature, but it's possible that a filter you set up could grab emails you don't intend it to.

  • Navigate a "Reply-to" address. One significant feature of Yahoo Mail lets you specify a different email address for your recipients to reply to. 

  • Check your blocked address list as it's possible that you aren't receiving emails from a particular recipient that you've blocked their address, whether intentionally or not.

  • Signing out and back in. If you're using the Yahoo Mail mobile app on iPhone Android, you may lose the connection between it and your account.

  • Try a different Yahoo Mail platform. If you fail to receive emails on the website, for example, try accessing it through your phone's dedicated mail client or the official Yahoo mail application.

This way the problem of Yahoo mail not working can be solved easily without any hassle.

Seeking Help From Yahoo Helpline! 

The users who are still facing the problem then is free to contact Yahoo customer service on any platform. The customer service is 24/7 active so that the user get assistance irrespective of the time zone

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