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How to fix Gmail not receiving emails?

Many things are there that can insist on your Gmail account for not sending or receiving fresh emails. It is not possible to discuss all those things within the small page boundary, but we have tried to discuss the major ways to deal with this issue. The given ways are highly trusted. Check out the given steps and try them one by one.

Update your Gmail app:

Did you update your Gmail app recently? Updating the Gmail app is a great solution for you if you have tried all these troubleshooting tricks but the account is still not receiving emails. The latest version will remove your problem for sure.

Clear your Gmail app data:

  • Open the Home screen of your device
  • Find out the Setting app and click on it
  • Then you need to select Apps & Notification
  • Click on App Info; select Gmail
  • You now need to select the Storage option
  • Click on Clear Data and hit Ok
  • Restart your device and check whether it has resolved your issue or not
  •  It will resolve your issue for sure

Restart your device:

A great way to deal with this issue is to restart the device repeatedly. Turn your device off and then turn it on again. It will resolve the small issues if your Gmail account is not sending or receiving emails because of small issues in your device.

Is your Airplane mode turned on?

Your Gmail account will not send or receive emails if the connection you are using is not working properly. We suggest trying this workaround if you are willing to avoid a lot of unnecessary troubleshooting. Or perhaps you have turned on your Airplane mode. Turn it off if the Airplane mode is turned on.

Contact Gmail Customer Service:

The last thing we could suggest is to contact the customer care professionals of Google who are handling the issues faced by Gmail. As these professionals are skilled and motivated, they are consistently serving the users as per industry defined standards. The officials of Gmail customer service, who have been sharpening up their skills by attending the weekly training sessions, are committed to being available throughout the year. 

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  • Martin Easton
  • 18-Jul-19
  • Hey, Please help me I am unable to receive emails in my Gmail account since before 2 days.
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