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Many users complain about the unusual suspension of their Gmail accounts, and they search for the possible causes. Google usually suspends accounts temporarily if they violate Google's terms of service or other policies. Some of the commonest cause why your Gmail account has been suspended are given below:

  • If any user tries to access or log into another account without explicit permission.
  • If an account is used to generate robocalls, that is, auto-generated calls or messages.
  • If an account is used to create a false identity to mislead other users.
  • If accounts are being used for threatening or bullying. 
  • If Google accounts are used for sending and sharing harmful content, codes, viruses, etc.

How do I Unsuspend my Gmail account?

Uses whose Google account has been suspended and wish to unsuspend it can refer to the online steps given below:

  • Visit the official Google webpage and tap on Google admin console.
  • Login into "Google admin account." 
  • Click on the menu key and select the directory followed by the user.
  • From the available user list, select your suspended account.
  • Tap on the "Reactivate" option available at the top-right corner.
  • Confirm your decision.

How long does Gmail suspension last? 

When a Google account is suspended, it will remain suspended for up to 24 hours. Sometimes, the suspension is over after one hour. After the suspension period, either account is automatically activated, or users with administrator access can recover their existing accounts. It will take approximately 30 minutes to Recover the suspended Gmail account; however, this time is not fixed.

Is Google Account suspension permanent?

Google account suspensions are not permanent. Generally, if any account does not go well according to set policies, then it is suspended temporarily. According to Google policies, only accounts suspended five times or less in a year can be recovered. If account suspension exceeds this time, then the account is permanently suspended.

What does it mean if your Google Account is suspended?

Goggle suspension means that your account has been disabled by Google either temporarily or permanently for violation of terms of conditions and policies. Users cannot send or receive emails when an existing account is suspended. However, they might be eligible to use other features of their Gmail accounts like Calendar, Google Drive, etc. It must be noted that you can recover your account if Google temporarily suspends it.  

How do I contact Google for help? 

Those users whose Google account has been suspended or who have any other concerns with Google can seek help from customer service. They can share their problem at; they must make sure that they are providing all the relevant account information along with a proper description of their concerns.


Though Google-suspended accounts are automatically recovered after 24 hours, Users whose accounts have been suspended and cannot recover automatically can always seek assistance from Google customer support to recover their accounts. It must be noted that if your account has been suspended more than five times a year, it cannot be recovered.

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