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What are the ways to fix the black screen in windows 10?

Have you recently encountered a black screen in Windows 10 and are searching for solutions to the problem? A number of windows 10 users have mentioned witnessing black screens during installation or updates. Almost nothing appears on the windows 10 screen at times user encounter a black screen error. In case, when your Windows 10 shows a black screen with no error message, only other way to find out what's wrong is to go through the troubleshooting. You can learn how to fix a black screen in Windows 10 from the information given below. The problem in Windows 10 of the black screen pops up only when your computer is not booting properly, then one should keep in mind that your computer actually turns on while pressing the power button. It can be said that the problem could be from the default device driver or it can be generated by hardware defects that lead to a black screen. A more possible way of getting a black screen is a windows update that goes wrong sometimes.

Causes of black Screen on Windows 10:

The possible causes for black screen on windows 10 could be many, so they are mentioned below those will relate you with your PC problem.

  • Window updates can get wrong it will corrupt your PC and will lead to disrupting you in your work.
  • One more reason will be like the monitor screen could be broken, which leads the problem too.
  • Graphics card problems can also be a reason for the black screen.
  • The main or most common reason for the black screen could be the power supply to your PC.
  • Video cable (HDMI or VGA) that could be broken can lead to connection error with your PC.

There could be many ways to sort out this problem technically, but some key points are listed below that will help you to get this problem out of your computer:

Check your Cables & Connections:

  • Unplug & then reconnect the video cables to a PC like HDMI cable which can get rusted or dusted.
  • Try to connect a different or new cable for help.
  • Try to go for a different monitor because the monitor could be defective that leads to a black screen.
  • Unplug all unnecessary accessories item that is connected to your PC. Unnecessary items like WiFi antenna, hard disk, or VR headset can cause the issue in booting. 

Reset and check all the boot order:

  • Put the PC back on to the default settings.
  • Get assured that you’re PC be booted from a hard disk too.

Now launch a windows repair:

You can come over this issue by launching a window repair service, in which you have to repair your damaged window. To get a clue follow the steps below:
Click on the restart and it will fix the black screen problem at once. If it doesn’t work this way then go to the advance option and try to fix the problem.

Boot your PC into safe mode:

In safe mode, your PC launches a minimum amount of drivers or programs so that you don’t get black screen interference. In safe mode only and only window loads up for a helping hand.
For further information regarding an error of the black screen on windows 10, you could contact our customer service representative, who is available 24/7.

Troubleshoot Windows 10

  • Shut down the computer entirely by pressing the power button for up to 5 to 10 seconds
  • Then disconnect your computer from the internet by switching off the wireless adapter or unplugging the cable
  • After that, you need to unplug all the peripherals from your computer device
  • Turn off the power button and unplug the power cables from the outlet
  • Then wait up to 30 seconds and plug-in power cord once again and turn on your computer
  • After that, you can restart your computer and hopefully, you will get to the desktop screen

Replace monitor

  • You can also get a black screen error which might have caused due to the issue with your monitor
  • Therefore, you need to replace the monitor and check that the black screen error is still there or gone

Use the safe mode

  • First of all, you need to turn on and off your computer three times
  • Further, an automatic repair screen will show when your windows 10 boot into diagnostic mode  
  • Then you have to select the advanced option from the automatic repair screen
  • Next, you have to press troubleshoot button then choose the advanced options
  • After that, you need to choose to start up settings then hit the restart button
  • At last, you need to press 4 and your windows 10 will start in the safe mode

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These are the possible ways to fix black screen error windows 10 most appropriately. Apart from that, you can contact your windows provider to get technical assistance when the black screen issue is still not gone. The technical agent can provide much better solutions to fix the black screen in your windows 10.

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