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How to fix Apple safari not working properly:

Most of the web browsers work perfectly in all the Apple devices but you might face trouble while using the Safari web browser as sometimes it might give you problems such as not opening some websites properly, blocking some websites, just show loading the site, etc. These types of problems may occur in your Apple device when the browser has collected so much data in it.

If Apple Safari not working properly in your device you just need to reset your Safari browser and it will clean the settings and all related files so that your browser will start working like a new one. You can follow the steps given below to reset the Safari web browser:

  • Open the safari
  • At the top of the screen next to the Apple icon click on Safari, you will get a drop-down menu
  • You need to click on reset Safari
  • Then you need to check all the boxes to clear history, reset sites, reset all location warnings, reset all web notification warnings, remove all website data, clear all download window, close all safari window
  • Then you have to click on reset
  • Once the reset is complete the Safari will again start working like a brand new.

For More Help Go Through.....Apple Customer Service

Apple Safari not Working on Mac :

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple for its users and comes as an inbuilt feature in every Apple device. The browser is known to render services and respond to commands quickly and instantly. Due to many other facilities, this browser is the one from which people are fond of using and exploring. But even the best working thing in the world can face problems. Hence, if you are also one such user who is facing issues with Safari web browser then read the article further to know how to fix such glitches. 

Reasons behind Safari Not Working on Mac! 

Before jumping to resolution, first, let us study the causes behind Apple safari not working on Mac. 

  • Safari version not yet updated. 
  • Accumulated history, caches, and cookies in the Safari web browser. 
  • Improper internet connection. 
  • Mac is slow in general due to viruses. 
  • The safari downloads window is also full of the latest downloads. 

And there can be many other reasons which lead to safari to not work. Let us find the resolutions to fix such glitches. 

Fixing Apple Safari Not Responding Issue! 

  • First and foremost check that whether you have proper internet connection or not. If the issue is with the internet then register for the complaint to the service provider. 
  • Then also delete the accumulated browsing history, caches, and cookies and check if the browser is responding or not. 
  • If the problem still prevails then check for the latest version of Safari web browser. In case you are using an older version then this might also be the reason for it to not respond properly. 

If after trying the above tips your Safari is still not responding then you can contact Apple support for assistance. 

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