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Know how to fix Yahoo not working issue on Android:

Yahoo Mail as you might be aware is a free web-based email application that is used by thousands of people globally for performing their day to day email activities. Besides, the user also uses this email service for accessing other web-based apps and services. Furthermore, the developers have even introduced various features in the Yahoo app that has made emailing easier. However, there are many users who still encounter issues with the Yahoo Mail app while accessing it on an Android device. Fortunately, one can easily resolve this issue by contacting the help center or by following some solutions provided in this article.

3 Ways to fix Yahoo not working on Android issue:

  • Fix network issues: The most common reason behind Yahoo mail not working issue is because of the network problems. Hence, in order to fix this issue, it is suggested to the users to check the network settings properly. Further, the user can also check whether the app permission is enabled properly. 
  • Sign-in issues: Another reason for Yahoo mail not responding on android issue can be because of the significant problems which can be fixed by following some simple steps. There are chances that you might be encountering this issue because of the old phone number added to the account. Simply open your account and under the security settings add the new phone number and click on send code. After that, provide that particular code and you will be provided access to your Yahoo account after verification. 
  •  The Outdated version of the app: There are chances that some users might encounter Yahoo mail not working on android issue because of the outdated version of the app. Hence, it is suggested to the users simply launch the Google Play Store and under the installed apps section select the Yahoo app. Further, click on the update option to upgrade the Yahoo app. 

Thus, these were the few solutions that one can try for fixing Yahoo mail not responding on android issue. Further, the user can also try contacting the Yahoo support for assistance in order to resolve this issue quickly and in time. 


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