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Significant info about " How to fix hp printer cartridge issue?"

If you are seeing any problem with your HP printer cartridge and not able to fix it, you can go through this post. As here you will get complete information to fix. You can follow the given instructions to get rid of the HP printer cartridge issue and you will stop wondering how to fix hp printer cartridge issue. So, follow the steps and fix the issue. 

Follow the given steps if you are getting HP Cartridge Error i.e." HP Printer does, not print and error indicate Faulty Ink" :

1- By Removing and Reinserting the Ink Cartridges 

  • First of all, you should remove the cartridge from your HP printer (Remove both color and mono-color cartridge). 
  • Then you have to turn on your printer by pressing the Power On button if it's not on. 
  • Next, you are required to wait for one or two minutes until it gets started completely. 
  • Further, you should place the cartridge back at its position. 
  • If any protection is placed over the nozzles, you need to remove it.

Once you reinsert the cartridge in your HP printer, you need to reset the printer to fix HP printer cartridge issue. You can do so by following the given steps. 

2- By Resetting Your HP Printer

  • If your HP printer is not turned on, turn on it first. 
  • Then wait for 40 seconds until it becomes silent before you proceed. 
  • After that, you have to disconnect the power code from the backside of Your HP Printer. '
  • Once the power cord is disconnected, you are required to wait for one or two minutes. 
  • Thereafter, you should connect the power cord to the power supply socket and printer as well. 
  • Moving ahead, you have to wait for 20 to 30 seconds to let it start completely. 

Once you're done with the above instructions, you will no longer worry about how to fix hp printer cartridge. Also, you can print using HP Printers without much of a stretch. Just in case, if these instructions won't help you to fix the cartridge issue, contact the customer support team of HP Printers. The representative will help you around the clock with all the required information. So, dial the HP Printer customer service number and get instant help from technical experts

How to Disable HP Cartridge Protection on Printer?

What is HP Cartridge Protection?

HP cartridge protection means when this protection is embedded in the chips. Once it is installed, it is called a protected cartridge. The HP protection is a feature which is used to disable the non-brand cartridges. This protection is for the one who seeks the most excellent quality of prints, and for those who want to go in photography, modeling and as well as for any professional purpose. If you want to disable the HP cartridge protection on a printer, you must read these steps one by one.

How to Disable HP Cartridge Protection on Printer?

  • First of all, you need to click on the start button and then tap on devices and printers.
  • Now, go and search for your HP printer and then open the settings page.
  • You need to click on the text under the section shopping resources.
  • By doing this, the HP toolbox window will open.
  • Now, click on the cartridge protection tab.
  • Click on the radio button.
  •  After this, tap on the save button and apply the changes. Then, close the window.
  •  To recognize printer cartridge, you smut remove and reinstall it.

You can also try the troubleshooting steps. To resolve all the HP printer Cartridge issues, you must follow all the given steps in a proper way. If you have any problem, you must contact customer service.

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