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How To Connect HP Printer Desk-jet 2541 To Wireless Network?

Are you looking for HP printer wireless setup at home? If yes then you can easily set up your printer to the wireless network by following the simple and easy step by step guide. Before you start with the procedure it is always recommended to get all these items in place.

  • The computer connected to the wireless network also make sure the computer and the printer is connected to the same wireless network
  • Setup the printer: load papers into the input tray, install the toner cartridges
  • Turn on the printer and place it near the range of the router during the setup process.  

How to perform HP printer wireless setup? Problem Solved

Please follow the setup procedure from here:

  • Go to HP support and driver installation page and search for your printer drivers.
  • Click download and run the install program. Please note during the installation a connect window will open you need to stop at connect window never click on continue at this point. 
  • Reset the wireless settings: press and hold the power button simultaneously press start copy black button 2 times then press cancel button 3 times, release the power button.
  • The wireless light will start to blink. Please repeat step 3 if the wireless light does not blink
  • Now click on continue in HP installation connect window at step 2 and follow the on-screen instructions until connection options screen opens
  • Select wireless-make a wireless connection to the printer in connection options screen then click on next
  • Click on yes in HP auto wireless connect screen then click on next to complete the connection process
  • Try printing again and if the issue persisted then you need to do network configuration. Follow on to step 9
  • Go to printer control panel and press wireless button and start copy button same time which will open the network configuration page
  • Find the IP address on the page and if it does not list any IP address means printer and router are not connected then repeat the step 3 again
  • Press the wireless direct button on the printer and open the list of available networks then connect your computer to the HP printer model name from the list.
  • Type in your browser address box and press enter which will open printers EWS in the browser window
  • Click on the network then click network address (IP) and click suggest a manual IP address to enter manual IP values compatible to your router
  • Click on apply and restart the printer leaving your network 
  • After printer reboot completes try to print again.

HP Printer Customer Service desk:

You can solve your printer problem at HP Printer Customer Service for free when it is under warranty but charges may apply for the product with no warranty left.

There are a number of benefits of HP Printer Customer Service

  • Expert advisors at the helpdesk
  • Free initial diagnoses of printer
  • Affordable services at the center

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