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Want to delete a Facebook account? Here is the complete info:

Whether a user is concerned about online privacy or bored with using Facebook, there could be any reason for deleting the account. Deleting a Facebook account is quite easy if anyone wants to do it.

The Facebook account is used to share photos, videos, messages, etc. But if the user is facing any security issue or some other reason is there, the account can be deleted. There are two terms associated with offline Facebook account i.e. deactivating or deleting. If a user is trying to deactivate the account, it means:

  • The account can be reactivated at any anytime just by signing-in to the Facebook account.
  • In a deactivated account, people will not be able to search the user’s profile.
  • Some info related to an account may remain visible such as the messages.
  • Facebook saves the account info of the user in its database, just in case the user wants to reactivate it.

Other than this, if a Facebook account is deleted, then:

  • A Facebook account gets deleted after a few days of the request. If the user login during this period, the deletion process will be canceled.
  • Once the account is deleted, it cannot be regained.
  • The messages sent to friends will remain active in their account even after deleting the account.

Before deleting the account, a user should keep the data by downloading it. For deletion, below mentioned steps can be used:

  • Initially, the user needs to sign-in to the Facebook account.

  • The option with 3-lines at the top-right of the Facebook page is clicked.

  • Then, the menu is scrolled down to Settings and it is tapped.

  • After that, the page is scrolled down to Your Facebook information and Delete Your account and information option is tapped.

  • Finally, the password is entered and the Submit button is tapped to delete the Facebook account.

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