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Hacked Facebook accounts are pretty common these days. People may create strong passwords, but there are always instances of hacking around Facebook accounts. If the users' Facebook accounts get hacked, they can report hacking to Facebook authorities to put stern measures to protect themselves from the ills of hacking.

Reporting the hacking episode also prevents others from becoming prey to cheating. 

How to know whether your Facebook account Got hacked?

Several things are there that will help determine the users of a hacked account. If your account gets hacked, you might experience the following activities associated with your Facebook account:

  • Unrecognized activity on your Facebook feed is a sure sign of a hacked account. 
  • You can receive a Facebook password change notification on your device. 
  • An unauthorized login notification may also indicate a hacked account. 
  • Unknown people may receive friend requests from your account. 
  • There is a name or birthday change associated with your Facebook profile. 
  • People may receive messages from your profile, and you have no clue about it. 
  • Your feed is filled with posts or ads you didn't create or upload to your Facebook profile. 

If you experience these activities, you should block your hacked Facebook account. Multiple users are confused about How to Block Hacked Facebook Accounts? Below-mentioned information will help you with reporting and recovering your Facebook account.

Can I report my Facebook account being hacked?

Yes, if your Facebook account has been hacked, you can report it within 1-3 working days. To report hacked Facebook account, customers need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official Facebook website via your browser.
  • Now navigate to the Facebook help center page. Proceed to click on “hacked account.”
  • Now click on “my account is compromised.”
  • Enter your registered email address and press the report button.

A form on the help page also allows users to report a hacked account if someone pretends to be you. And you can also report fake Facebook accounts.

How do I recover a Hacked Facebook account I can't log into?

The recovery of a standard Facebook account is straightforward. However, things become complicated when you have recovered your hacked Facebook account. But don't worry and remove that frown from your forehead, as Facebook has provided easy steps to recover your hacked account. Read the steps written below to know the steps and get back access to your account.

  • Open the Facebook application.
  • Enter your registered email and password and click on “forget a password.”
  • You must enter your registered phone number or email address to recover your account.
  • Select your recovery option and send a recovery code on the selected medium.
  • Once you receive the code, enter it and click on the continue button.
  • Tap on the “log me out of all other devices” button 
  • Finally, reset your password.

How Do I Recover my Hacked Facebook Account that I can access?

Here are the steps through which you learn the process to recover hacked Facebook account, so go through the points step-wise and get accurate information.

  • Change your Password immediately so the hacker can't access your Facebook account. 
  • Check all of the devices your Facebook account is logged in on. The hackers can now access all of those accounts through your Facebook account. 
  • You should immediately alert your account to being hacked. 
  • Then, the last thing you are supposed to do is report the cybercrime so that the hacker gets caught. 

How to keep your Facebook account safe?

Here is a list of things one needs to stick to eliminate the chances of a hacked account.

  • Users need to protect their passwords; the best way to do it is to never share them with others. 
  • Do Not have an easy password for your Facebook account. It would help if you always created a strong password. 
  • It is essential to check the website's URL, as scammers may create fake websites to extract users' login information. Use to log in to your Facebook account to access posts and Facebook feed.
  • Do not add strangers or people you don't know, as scammers may create fake accounts to get your information and data shared online on your Facebook account. 

What should you do if your Facebook Account Gets hacked?

  • The first thing that users need to do is report the situation to Facebook. Next, users can get back into a hacked Facebook account by resetting their email addresses.
  • Users must let others know of the hacked account and tighten their Login access by double-checking the permissions for their Facebook account.

Hence, if you still have issues with Facebook, you can quickly contact the Facebook support team for immediate help.


Who do I contact after my Facebook is hacked?

Sometimes Facebook users find their accounts being hacked. It is one of the most undesirable situations, and people search for whom to contact after Facebook is hacked.

  • So users must contact the Facebook customer help center to recover their accounts. 
  • They must change their password.
  • They must turn on two-way authentication.

How long it takes Facebook to review a hacked account?

If your Facebook account is hacked and you report it, it might take approximately 1-2 weeks to review your request. But this time might vary according to your Facebook account type. 

How many reports will it take to close a Facebook account?

Users need to report just once for their hacked accounts. After that, Facebook will review your account. If any suspicious is found, they will send you a verification link; if your account is not verified within a limited time, it will be permanently closed.

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