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HP printer device is so easy to operate after installing it on your personal Windows device. It is a superb technical device with advanced features and services. There is a feature of the automatically connected computer device that only requires connecting with the port and after that, you need to go for the driver installation that helps to run your HP printer device quite faster as you have ever expected or seen at the shop of the photocopy. Generally, it depends on the printer device that offers actual fact of the technology and features are available in the HP Printer device simply.

How to fix when HP Printer is not connecting to a Computer?

So when it comes to connecting an HP Printer device to a computer, you need to ensure that Wi-Fi of your computer is on or not. In addition to this, if your Printer device is not connected with the Wi-Fi or your HP Printer is so simple to connect with the computer using the home network, you are required to install the wireless printer driver that helps to run your HP Printer device especially good. Today in the technical market most of the users can purchase Wi-FI HP Printer device that is already involved with the WI-FI services that helps to connect your computer device with the WI-FI network.

Get solution after getting the cause of the error:

This is a process that comes automatically and you get the connection of the Wi-Fi network in your computer device with same Printer name. Although a Wi-Fi network is quite secure and my printer is connected to a Wi-Fi with the same name, however sometimes it is not secure and due to this printer does not connect with the computer device simply. To fix this kind of problem, you are required to install or uninstall the Wi-Fi printer service and driver together. After that this method might resolve the problem soon take a look at how it works.

Cause of the error for HP Printer not working:

  • Check if your WI-FI service is on or not.

  • Showing an error while using network service.

  • Wi-Fi HP Printer driver is not working fine.

  • Your Computer is showing an error during making the connection with HP Printer derive and so on.

In case you know the estimable reasons why your HP Printer is not working fine, you may easily resolve your problem instantly.

Get the solution to fix when your HP Printer is not working fine:

  • First of all, turn on your HP Printer device and computer and try to connect both of them using the resources.

  • If it is showing an error message and not responding HP printer device, you need to restart your computer device.

  • Don’t forget to restart your HP Printer device and router as both are important to check in terms of resolving the problem.

  • If you make sure that you have connected your computer after restarting technical devices, you can go to the properties to print documents.

  • If your printer is not activating to print the test page you should check out the driver and Wi-Fi connection is active to perform or not.

  • Go to the wireless network and select the control panel to uninstall and install your Wi-FI HP printer instantly.

  • You can change the router settings that sometimes unable to connect both HP Printer and a computer device.

  • After completing the task, you can give a test command, if it is working fine and you are able to print you have solved out your problem eventually.

However, if there is an error and you are not eligible to resolve that problem you can simply contact out HP Printer Customer support team that is always approachable by the users in order to obtain a solution in less than a time.  

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