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Let's say you open your search engine and start searching for something on the web. Suddenly you see a loading error on the screen, and the error reads, Your connection is not private. The page stops loading on the screen. This has happened with most users, and they are unable to figure out the exact causes of this issue. However, if you are also one of them who is facing the same error and would like to eradicate it, then you have come to the right place.

Let us consider the meaning of facing your connection is not private error and how to eradicate this problem in order to have a smooth web browsing experience.

What does it mean by Your connection is not private?

One of the major things that users must understand about Your connection is not private is that such errors are encountered on sites running on HTTPS. When users browse for something on the internet, the browser sends a request to the server where the site is hosted. The browser then has to authenticate the certificate installed on the site. The certificate decryption takes place. If the validity of the certificate is not verified by the browser, it will automatically stop the connection with the website.

This particular feature is built into web browsers to protect users. Data encryption does not take place if the validity certificate is not set up properly. This also means that the website is not safe to visit by the user, especially if it involves login credentials and payments. Thus, users face 'your connection is not a private error,' instead of visiting the website, and it is one of the usual errors faced by many users across the globe.

Methods to fix the Connection is not private error.

If you are met with a Your connection is not private error, then you can stick to multiple steps for eradicating the error. Let us consider some of the best steps to eliminate this error while loading web pages on the web browser.

  • Try reloading the page.

One of the best things that one can do when met with this error is to try and reload the page in order to eliminate the complications with this page. All you need to do is close your browser and re-open it to eliminate the error. The reissue of the SSL certificate will help rectify the loading of the page.

  • Proceed manually (Unsafe)

This is yet another option to tackle the error while browsing on the web browser; however, this step is not readily recommended to users because of the risks involved. If you are sure of the fact that nothing would be encrypted, then you can proceed manually in the case met with the Your connection is not private error on the device.

  • Are you in a cafe or airport?

These are some of the most usual places where users may face issues and errors while looking for something on the web browser. It is better to use your cellular data instead of the airport's wifi to eradicate the chances of facing issues and errors while surfing over the web.

  • Check for the computer's clock. 

Users need to check the clock and whether the timings are correct or not. If there is some issue with the clock on your device, then you are likely to face problems while browsing on the website.

  • Try the incognito mode online. 

People can try and use the incognito mode online to browse through websites and check whether the page is loading or not.

People can stick to the above-mentioned ways and can get answers to How Do I Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error. This is a common security issue and safeguards people's interests and privacy online while surfing through various websites. 

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