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Internet services provide a lifeline to the people. Sometimes you may face problems related to their services. The service may get interrupted due to many reasons. You do not have to call a technician all the time. You can fix it by yourself. If you want to know why is my internet speed so slow, then you must look to fix a few problems. Most of the time, you call your internet service providers to fix your issues related to your internet service. You can follow the process to know why your internet connection is slow.

Why is my internet speed so slow?

  • There are countless reasons for a slow internet connection. It would help if you were looking for the following causes:
  • Your computer or mobile needs an update: sometimes your internet connection is slow because you have not installed the latest software. You are using outdated software.
  • It would be beneficial if you tried to delete your browser's cache and history. Sometimes, your internet connection slows down because the cache and history of your browser are taking up space and not allowing your internet connection to work at its total capacity.
  • Do not use multiple apps and programs at one time: you must not use multiple apps at the same time.
  • Your WiFi is not in the proper range of your computer: you must look whether your WiFi is in range of your computer or not.

How do I fix slow internet performance?

There are many ways to fix the issues related to slow internet. Follow the given steps to fix your slow internet connection:

  • Use Ethernet instead of WiFi.
  • You must look to clear the cache and history of your browser from time to time.
  • Restart your router and modem.
  • Connect only limited devices to the internet.

What is a good internet speed?

It depends on your usage. If you use the internet for gaming or home purposes, the recommended speed is 25 Mbps.

Bottom Line:

If you follow the steps, you can quickly fix your slow internet connection at home. You must not depend on your internet service provider all the time. You must check that your internist speed should be at least 25 Mbps. All your devices should be updated.

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