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Getting a slow internet connection in the middle of your work or between surfing entertainment sites can be very frustrating. At the moment, you must wonder why is my internet so slow. There can be multiple reasons that slow down your internet, and the reasons are listed below:

  • Too many devices are connected 
  • Slow wifi signal
  • Browser history is full on your device
  • Your data limit is exceeded
  • High latency in your device
  • Your plan does not provide a high-speed internet connection. 

How do I fix a slow Internet connection? 

A few methods can be used to fix the slow internet connection, and some of the most helpful ones are briefed here for you to consider:

  • Reset the Network Adaptor: Resetting the Network Adaptor can troubleshoot the internet issue on your device. Tap the "Internet Access" icon to get your device's "Troubleshoot" option. It will reset the network adapter to speed up your internet. 
  • Restart the Modem and the router: restarting the devices all over again can fix the slow internet issues a number of times. If there is no additional problem, switching off the Modem and the router for a few seconds and then starting it will speed up your internet. 
  • Call ISP for help: When you observe low speed, you must contact your internet service provider, and they will troubleshoot the issue. 

How do I check my network's slowness?

You need to do a speed test on your device to determine the speed of your network. Using the Ping command will help to check your network slowness; type "Ping" and the "address of the website" on the command panel, then Enter to observe the replies in the domain.

What is a good, reliable internet speed?

12 to 25 Megabits per second is a reliable internet speed to finish your work without buffering. If several devices are connected to the same wifi, then 25 Mbps is a good internet speed, or for an individual network, it must be 12 Mbps for a high-speed internet connection.

Why is my internet so slow, but the speed test is fast? 

Many internet speed testing sites measure the speed of your network across multiple connections. So, depending on the overall response of your internet on loading the different websites and downloads, it measures the speed.

Why is my internet speed fast but download speed slow?

The reasons that you are observing slow download speed with a fast internet connection are as follows:

  • Outdated router
  • Distance between your device and the router
  • ISP throttling
  • Many devices connected to the same network

Why are websites slow to load even with fast internet?

Many unoptimized images generally slow down the website's loading, even with a fast internet connection on your device. The high-resolution images consume more bandwidth when the site is being loaded. 


When there is an issue with the internet speed, the above information will guide you on How to fix slow Internet connection. Several other pieces of information have also been provided to help you determine and troubleshoot the different internet connection problems.

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