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Getting an issue of Verizon email not receiving emails? Follow these steps

Are you disturbed with your Verizon email account not receiving newer emails? If yes, then you should do some quick fixes to overcome them. So, given below are some of the basic fixes that will surely resolve your issue.

Quick fixes to resolve the issue of Verizon email not receiving emails

Here are the points that will help you to fix the issue of the Verizon email account not receiving newer emails. Have a look:

  • First of all, check whether your device is up to date or not.
  • Look for any available viruses and malware. These may be restricting your device and automatically it will distract your email application.
  • Check for the available space of your device. If your device is running out of space, then it will be an issue for you to receive newer emails on Verizon.
  • Better to switch to Google DNS.
  • Look for the Verizon email server.
  • Check whether your Wi-Fi is providing a good network to your device or not. If there is an issue with the Wi-Fi, your device will not get sufficient connectivity and as a result, you will not receive newer emails on Verizon.
  • Clear cache and browsing history data of your web browser that you access.
  • Disable the security programs and any add-ons which must be blocking the Verizon email to receive newer emails.
  • Check whether you have registered properly your Verizon email account or not.
  • Look for the server settings of the Verizon email account. The settings include IMAP or POP. It is better for Verizon email to select IMAP as it works better than POP.
  • If still the issue persists, then it will be better to reset your Verizon email account. 

So, these are the quick fixes that will resolve the issue of Verizon email not receiving messages immediately. Follow these basic points and resolve any of your issues related to the Verizon email account. Furthermore, to get the in-detail information, connect with the customer service team of Verizon. They are available all the time for you to show you the correct path regarding your Verizon email account.  

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