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When a computer is connected through mobile data using a USB cable, it can be referred to as USB tethering. Further, when you have tried using the net through this medium but are facing difficulty, there could be several factors present affecting that. Thus, you can identify the reason for USB tethering not working by taking a glance at the bottom points:-

  • Using a defective USB wire
  • The cellular package is not available
  • Using an old driver 
  • Problem with computer network connectivity
  • Connecting with an unsupported device.

How do I get USB tethering to work?

USB cables and PCs are electronic gadgets, so guarantees of their working cannot be taken seriously. It is because they can stop working at any moment, and the cause for that could be available in numbers. Further, when you are having trouble connecting USB tethering and want to make it useful, you can choose amongst the tips referred to at the bottom.

  • Try to connect both devices using a new USB cable 
  • When your PC or mobile is on an old version, then make it update
  • Restart both devices
  • Use other available ports for Laptops

How do I permanently enable USB tethering? 

When you have to work on the internet regularly by USB tethering, you can enable the same permanently. In this way, you do not have to worry about the repetitive problem of enabling or disabling. If you wish to go through the procedure, then act along the points that are mentioned at the bottom:-

  • First, connect the USB cable with the device 
  • Then, go to settings and choose the wireless setting option 
  • Further, click on the Tethering USB
  • Now, enable the same and save the setting.

What is the difference between hotspots and tethering? 

The internet on a computer or PC can be connected by phone through USB tethering and hotspots. These two methods have their own advantages and drawbacks. Further, when you could use USB tethering, you have to stay within the range of the wire, but the speed of the internet could work more appropriately. If you could use a “hotspot,” then you might not get a similar speed to that, but your cell phone could not be tied to a laptop or computer.

Where are USB settings on Android?

One of the child elements to make a proper connection using USB tethering is having an alignment of Android settings. It is because if there is any problem, then making a connection could get difficult. Further, the guide that you can know about the same is listed at the bottom:-

  • First, open the settings of the Android phone
  • Thereafter, choose the storage option
  • Later on, click on the USB Computer Connection options 
  • After choosing a Media Device (MTP) and saving it.


The disclosure of information about USB tethering in the aforesaid titles could not let you get stuck into any confusion related to that. Still, if there is something that you need to know about, then you can speak with the device customer service team or visit the nearby store.

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