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A Quick Guide To Disable The Two-Factor Authentication On Facebook Accounts

Are you thinking to turn off the two-factor or 2FA in your Facebook account? Well, then you are not alone as many users do disable their extra layer of security as they sometimes face login issues. However, this might make your account less secured but if you are fine with the password authentication then you can disable the 2FA authentication in your account. Here’s how.

Simple Steps To Turn Off The Two-Factor Authentication In Facebook Account

The following steps will help you to turn off two-factor authentication Facebook quickly.

  • At first, get access to your Facebook account from its sign in page and then move to the down arrow on the top right.
  • Click on the icon and then select the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, hit the Security and Login option from the left-hand menu panel and then scroll to the Two-Factor Authentication section.
  • Here, move down to the Edit option, click on it and then input the current password of your account.
  • Now, select the Continue button and then find the “Note that two-factor authentication is on” option. Here, hit the Turn Off option next available next to it and then you should see the confirmation pop-up window.
  • Here also select the Turn Off option to confirm disablement of 2AF and then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process.

Moreover, if you are still unable to turn off two-factor authentication Facebook, then contact the tech support professionals at Facebook to get better assistance.

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