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A Guide to Get Off Hold Faster and Avoid Waiting on Hold

We are getting more involved in technical products to improve our lives and increase productivity. But, facing difficulties is common, and one can get a solution fast with quick customer support. However, it is pretty frustrating for those who need last-minute help, and they have to hold. In this writing, you can learn about some methods to avoid the hold time. 

What are the top Tricks to get off hold faster?

There are numerous alternatives through which you can avoid the holding time and get the solution fast. Below, you can read about some major one that is easy to direct, and any user can use this.

  • Choose the other comfortable language
  • Set the timing to call
  • Try different contact options ( Like via email, social media, or live chat)

Choose the other comfortable language

You don't have to push yourself to understand the different languages. If you are not good with the customer support person's communication language, you can go with one suitable for you. With this, you can understand the solution fast and resolve the issue promptly. 

Set the timing to call

These days, you can leverage the customer callback service too. Here you need to fill the form where you have to mention the query and calling time. With this, you can choose any comfortable time in which you are free and understand the solution much better. 

Try different contact option

It may happen that you are not getting the solution fast from one method. Again, though, you don't have to tangle yourself in this situation. Instead, you can simply direct some other ways and talk to them; in this era, customer support persons try to assist in various ways, so you come up with different ways to contact. 


q1. How long does the average person wait on hold?

There is no specific period to wait on hold situation. The major part that decides whether you will get the solution fast or not is the type of question. But, on average, a person may have to wait for 17 minutes at least on the hold condition. However, it may go up or down too. Sometimes, your call timing decides too. If you choose to call the person in peak timing, then the wait can be 1 hour or more. 

q2. What company has the longest hold time?

There are some companies with the longest hold time. However, there can be slight variation in this, but you can learn about the average hold time. 

  • IRS can hold the call up to 9 minutes 
  • Amtrak can hold the call up to 9 minutes 
  • AT&T customer service has less hold time of 7 minutes 
  • Comcast customer support can let the person hold the call for 8 minutes. 

You can see some different response times or hold times. But sometimes, your doubt or what kind of technical support you need will decide when you will get the response. 

Now, you have comprehended each point from how to get off hold faster and which company has the longest hold time. But, obviously, you have to follow certain methods to get the best customer support from a technology company.

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