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Canon is a printer company that produces a printer on a large scale. If you wish to buy the printer of Canon, you can speak with the representative on this official number:1-800-355-1385/ 1 (800) 652-2666. You can follow the IVR menu, speak with the representative, and get the quotation for the printer or find the solution to your queries.

What are Canon's Customer service hours?

The Canon's customer service hours are 8:30 AM-8:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. You can speak with a live person during these hours and get the solution.

How do I Contact Canon Customer service through email?

If you have any issues with your printer, you can contact the representative via email. To send your query to the email id, you can use this official email You can add the attachments to the email and get a response from the representative.

How do I complain about the Canon printer?

If you want to complain about the canon printer, you can use various communication methods and get the solution to your query. To connect with the live person on the call, you can use this contact number: 516-328-5000. You must follow the given IVR command on a phone call and raise the complaint after that and get the solution to your complaint as soon as possible.

Does Canon Have Live chat support?

Yes, Canon has live chat support. The chat is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4;30PM, excluding holidays. If you have to raise your query, you can use the chat option and get all the information regarding your problems. Here are the steps to connect with the representative on the chat option; 

  • Open the official website of Canon. 
  • Click on the chat option at the end of the page. 
  • Pick any topic from the query and get the solution from the representative.

How do I Get in touch with Canon via Social media?

You can follow Canon on social media platforms. Canon is available on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. You can see their daily activities when you follow Canon on social media platforms.

Is Canon Tech support free?

Yes, tech support is free until your printer is under warranty. If the warranty expires, tech support will charge you.


If you have a query, How do I talk to a live person at Canon? You can use various communication methods and get the solution from the representative as soon as possible.

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