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How do I reset my password at the Cogeco email service?

As we all know, we must create an account whenever we want to access the services of any email service, and it is equally essential to keep a note of the password so that we don't end up getting it and thereby losing our account. But if in case it is still happening with you, we have got your back. We can lose our store even if we save it in the browser. At times, we happen to clear the Browser cache, which ultimately deletes all the passwords saved by us. In this article, you will learn about the possible methods of the Cogeco email password reset procedure. Stick to the page do you reach the end

The process to reset the password for the Cogeco email service.

 It is imperative to enter a recovery email address or phone number at the time of account creation so that you can recover your account whenever needed. The only reason behind having such information as a recovery email address or phone number is to keep a backup for times of emergencies as they understand the importance of all the confidential data that an email might contain. Check out the steps to fix this issue.

To reset your Cogeco email password, follow these steps:

  • Log in to My  Cogeco Account
  • Choose Internet in the main menu.
  • Select Manage my email addresses.
  • Select Edit.
  • Enter the new password twice.
  • Select Save.

Ways to reset the password of the Cogeco email service

  • If you enter the recovery email address in the given spaces on the page that appears when you click on forgot password, you will receive a link to reach the password reset page on the recovery email address.
  • The things are similar when you enter the recovery phone number in the given spaces on the page that appear when you click on forgot password. You will receive a one-time password on your phone’s messaging application, which you need to enter the given space to get to the recovery page.
  • The account can also be recovered when you choose to answer some security questions. Make sure at the time of account creation that you enter the questions which you can remember easily. Now you are required to answer these questions in the same manner as you did at the time of account creation.

Suppose none of the above ways work ok in a positive direction for your account recovery when you can call for a technical support person to assist you in the problem. 

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