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It is pretty usual while operating Facebook. Face issues like your account are not getting appropriate configurations like correct credentials or unwanted notifications like someone hacked your account and breached your terms and conditions. You cannot get proper access to your Facebook account. As a result, you will have to know how to contact Facebook to report a problem this way.

How can I report something that is not working on Facebook?

There are various methods to report a problem on Facebook without any issue or trouble. Further, suppose you want to know about the different ways how to contact Facebook to report a problem. In that scenario, you will have to consider this section of the write-up and get appropriate answers for your support from Facebook customer services.

Steps to Report Facebook about nonworking platform:

  • First, you have to open Facebook on your computer. 
  • Then you will log in to your account with the correct username and password.
  • After which click in the top right of the Facebook down arrow icon
  • Further here, select help and support, choose “Report a problem,” and follow the onscreen instructions for getting appropriate directions.
  • At last, you will have to enter your query and send it to the customer service, and within hours, you will get answers from experts.

What Should I Do If I want to Report something else or fix a Different issue?

If you want to report something else you are facing while operating Facebook. It would help if you were sure to say your problem with the Facebook customer care team via phone call or chat to get answers within time quickly and with appropriate responses.

  • Contact Facebook Via phone: With the help of using the correct phone number for the Facebook customer service team i.e. (650) 308-7300, you will get answered quite instantly. You can also get the helpline number from the Facebook support page contact us section for your help.
  • Help via Report a problem: Facebook users can report their trouble for any unwanted issue with the Facebook account if they get solutions from helpline number. This service you can get from the official page of Facebook.

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