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Outlook is certainly one of the best email service providers you can come across. However, Gmail is also as popular as Outlook. Both of these email service providers are very reliable and safe. They have been serving millions of people around the world for many years. You only need to make an account with them. After that, you'll be able to use their services without interruption. Utilizing their email service is straightforward. You only need to visit their official sign-in page. There you'll see the button "Sign up." Tap on that, and you can follow the different queues to make an account with them; however, if you want to choose between Outlook vs. Gmail. Then you can follow the comparison given below. After that, your query will be cleared in a short time. 

Is Outlook or Gmail better?

Outlook has till now won three categories in total. And on the other hand, Gmail has won a total of five categories. However, the comparison might not be fair because both work best for different users. If you're looking for a streamlined experience of an email service, then Gmail will be a better choice. If you're looking for an email service, your email works for you. Then Outlook is undoubtedly going to be a much better choice for you.

Outlook vs. Gmail - Comparison


Google came into existence in 1998 and, however, Gmail came into existence in 2004. However, Gmail went into a stable release in 2009. The founder and the creator of Gmail are Paul Buchheit. 

Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. However, in 1997 Hotmail was bought by Microsoft 1997. In the year 2012, Microsoft merged Outlook and Hotmail. After that, all the users of Hotmail were moved to Outlook. 


Both Gmail and Outlook are free of cost. You can visit their official website, and after that, within a few minutes, you'll be able to make your account. While creating the account, you can add your alternate email address or phone number for future verification purposes. 

However, the paid version of Gmail starts with a Basic of $6 per month and goes up to $25 per month. With Outlook, pricing is a bit different. The basic version starts at $6.99 per month, and the advanced version goes up to $9.99 per month. 


Suppose you want to save heavy data with Gmail. Then you're going to get the facility of Google drive. If you're going to send a Google drive file, you'll share a link for the receiver to download it. In Google drive, you're going to get storage up to 15GB. 

With Outlook, you're going to get the facility of One drive. It is free of cost, and in the free plan, you're going to get storage up to 15GB. 

Customer support-

Gmail and Outlook are both available through three main mediums. The call, chat, and email. You can contact them through the social network. The executives are very professional and friendly. They'll ensure that they provide you with the best service without any issue.

You can contact them by dialing their official number. You would need to select the correct options in the IVR menu. Once you have selected the correct choices, then in a short time, you will be connected to a live person.

You can even chat with them. After chatting, you'll get the option of saving the chat transcript. This option is helpful if your query will not be resolved on time. Then you can show the transcript of the chat.

In case you contact them with the help of email. Then you will be able to attach a document. After that, your query will be cleared in twenty-four hours.

Which one is good for personal email?

In case you're looking forward to using one for a personal purpose, then Gmail is undoubtedly going to be better any given day. However, that doesn't mean Outlook is any less. But Outlook is better for business purposes, and for personal purposes, Gmail is undoubtedly better. 

Which is safer, Gmail or Outlook?

Gmail has made sure that good security is available for the customer. That is the reason there is a 2 step verification. For that, you only need to add your alternate email address to Gmail and register a phone number on it. After that, your account is certainly going to be completely safe.

Outlook provides the facility of Encrypt emails. That is how Outlook delivers excellent security to the users. 


If you want the comparison based on awards, then Gmail is undoubtedly far ahead. Gmail has won 5 categories and Outlook and won 3. That is certainly a big gap to be filled. However, it is completely on the user to make their choice. Hopefully, your query is resolved.

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