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Google lens is one of the powerful AI of goggles that can instantly translate any language, which can help you to recognize different languages. Apart from this, google lens can also scan the product's barcode and share its relevant details. You use it for various purposes, and a few of them have been displayed beneath:- 

  • You can use Google lens to translate live as well as offline.
  • While purchasing any product, you can use this to identify the bar's barcodes.
  • Google lenses on iPhone and iPad can identify animals, buildings, and foods.

 Is Google Lens Available for iPhones and iPad?

Yes, Google lens applications are available for iPhones and iPad. And this application you can get by getting to the app store. After the installation, you can take help from it for various purposes that can help in pursuing your daily goal in smoother ways. And if you have any issues while getting them, you can contact the Google custom service team for explanations.

How to use Google Lens on your iPhone or iPad?

When you have become aware of the benefit that you can grab from the google lens, and after that, if you wish to install it on your iPhone or iPad but get the question such as How to use Google lens on iPhone, then feel free to use the steps that are displayed below:- And if you are willing to use it, then follow the steps that have been described beneath:- 

  • Visit the app store and install the google application.
  • And then open the google app.
  • After that, click on the camera icon. 
  • Now, you get permission to access your camera.
  • Then choose to get to choose tools and click on the following icon. 
  • Further, choose the picture from your gallery and click on the next.
  • Afterward, as per your requirement, you will get the required answers.

Why can't I use Google Lens?

There are various possibilities if you have installed Google lens and cannot use it. But a few of them have been stated beneath. 

  • You might get to enable this application on Android, iPhone, or iPad before using it.
  • You can not be able to use google lens if you have been denied permission that is required after the installation.
  • If the google server is on maintenance, you can also find difficulties processing these applications.
  • Sometimes the application you have installed could be crashed, and you can try to reinstall the application to eliminate the issues.

Bottom line

Furthermore, when you read here then, you might be aware of the Google Lens application with the guide for installation on iPhones and iPad. And the problem you can face while using this application. And still, if you have any doubts after this, get in touch with the Google lens customer service team to determine your issue.

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